Statement: APN to Lapid: Show, Don't Tell!

As Yair Lapid becomes Israel's prime minster today, APN congratulates him and urges him to take this opportunity to show the world what an Israel under his leadership looks like.

APN's President and CEO Hadar Susskind said: "Lapid will head a short-lived interim government that lacks a parliamentary majority, but he does not have to act as a lame duck. His party, the second largest in the Knesset, supports the establishment of a Palestinian state and opposes unilateral measures that hinder peace. Lapid himself spoke repeatedly, as late as this January, in support of a two-state solution. As incoming Prime Minister, Lapid has an opportunity to actualize those policies and show Israelis, Palestinians and the world that the future can be better. That starts with freezing construction of West Bank settlements – particularly provocative settlements in strategic locations such as E-1. It includes a moratorium on home demolitions and the expulsion of Palestinians from their lands. It includes a crackdown on settler violence and anti-Palestinian racist incitement. And it also includes enhancing the dialogue with the Palestinian Authority, and reengaging the PA and world leaders in meaningful discussions about real peace. We call on Lapid to show that he is a bold, courageous leader, a statesman, who can inspire the Israeli public and recreate a viable political horizon for Israelis and Palestinians alike."