Recording: Israel’s Upcoming Elections with Chemi Shalev

Israelis will again go to the polls in November -- for the fourth time in less than five years – to elect a new Knesset. As was the case in past rounds, the chief question on everyone’s mind is whether Likud’s Benjamin Netanyahu, who this time is not running as the incumbent, will be able to form a government coalition. But the November 1st elections raise many other questions regarding Israeli politics, its relationship with the United States and with its Palestinian neighbors, and its future character as a liberal democracy.

To answer these questions, APN spoke with one of Israel’s leading political analysts, Chemi Shalev.

Chemi Shalev is known for his commentary and analysis of Israeli and US politics and the relationship between the two countries. Shalev covered these topics and more for over four decades as senior correspondent and columnist for a wide variety of Israeli newspapers, including the Jerusalem Post, Davar, Maariv, Yisrael Hayom and, most recently Haaretz, including a five-year stint as the newspaper’s correspondent in New York. He also served as the Jerusalem correspondent of the Forward.


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