Recording: Building People-to-People Foundations for Israeli-Palestinian Peace: A Conversation with ALLMEP’s Avi Meyerstein

In the absence of peace advancing diplomacy and as mutual Israeli-Palestinian violence surges, the Middle East Partnership for Peace Act (MEPPA), a 250-million-dollar five-year US initiative to fund people-to-people peacebuilding initiatives, is one of America’s chief Israel-Palestine policy pillars.

In a recently released paper, Avi Meyerstein, who launched the campaign for an international fund that led to MEPPA, analyzes the initiative’s accomplishments in its first year of implementation, and offers some recommendations for the future.

We spoke with Meyerstein on an APN webinar on October 19th, 2022.

Meyerstein is the founder and president of the Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP), the coalition of over 150 Israeli-Palestinian people-to-people peacebuilding organizations, whose campaign to create an International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace led to the passage of MEPPA.


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