VA ACTION ALERT- Ask Your State Senator to Vote No on SB1375

State by state, across the country there has been a concerted effort to penalize those who wish to exercise their constitutionally-protected freedom of speech by boycotting, or even just maintaining their right to boycott, the state of Israel. Tomorrow, Virginia becomes ground zero in this fight when the state senate will vote on SB 1375, the Virginia Public Procurement Act.

At APN we don’t support the global BDS movement, but do support the boycott of settlement goods and the Occupied Territories and we definitely support the right of people to boycott.

Even those who disagree with boycotting Israel should still support our First Amendment rights.

And this legislation, if enacted, will be used as a cudgel to punish Virginians in violation of those very rights. This bill is unnecessary, unhelpful, and undemocratic. Tell your state Senators to vote no on SB 1375.

Click here to ask your State Senator to VOTE NO tomorrow.

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