Action Alert- VA State House Bill 1606.

The fight against the weaponization of antisemitism and for free speech continues in the Senate. The second bill we wrote to you about, HB1606 – the State House bill intended to codify the IHRA definition is still in play. The State House has sent it over to the Senate where the Rules Committee will be considering it tomorrow. 

As we’ve previously mentioned, HB1606 is the latest in a series of cynical attempts across the country to co-opt the fight against antisemitism and use it instead as a weapon against free speech and to quash legitimate criticism of policies and actions of the Israeli government. Adopting the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism is a prime example of how well-meaning attempts to fight antisemitism can be misappropriated. IHRA and its examples, while on the surface seemingly benign, have been used time and again to codify language that would allow for such weaponization.

Criticizing the policies and actions of the Israeli government is not antisemitic. We must not allow the effort to combat antisemitism to be co-opted by those who wish to stifle this critical speech. Ask your Senator to Oppose HB1606.

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