Recording- A Conversation with Israeli Protest Organizers

In this webinar, you get a chance to meet three Israeli organizers of the protest-turned-resistance to counter the anti-democratic, illiberal policies and practices of the new Israeli government. What are the goals of the protest? Why is it mobilizing so many Israelis – both in Israel and in the United States and Europe – and what does it mean for Americans who care about Israel’s future as a democracy?

To discuss these questions, we hosted Limor Moyal, a pivotal organizer of the protest in Israel, as well as Neri Life-Choma and Offir Gutelzon, who are among the leaders of Israeli expatriates’ protests in North America and Europe.

Limor Moyal is a writer, doctoral student, and liberal activist. She is the founder of the 'Democratim' movement, whose goal is to change the political discourse in Israel.

Neri Life-Choma, is a member of the Israeli American community in Silicon Valley. She is an entrepreneur and international leader in birth support, and is among the founders of UnXeptable, a grassroots movement of Israeli expats for a democratic Israel.

Offir Gutelzon is a proud member of the Israeli American community in Palo Alto and a Silicon Valley. He is a serial entrepreneur. In 2020, he helped launch the UnXeptable grassroots movement in support of a democratic Israel.

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