Recording- Netanyahu’s Government and the Occupation with Lior Amihai

One of the chief objectives behind the Israeli government’s drive to weaken the judiciary is solidifying Israel’s grip on the West Bank by advancing the settlement enterprise and the annexation campaign.

In this webinar, Lior Amihai, the new Executive Director of Israel’s Peace Now, discusses the relationship between the Israeli government’s “legal reform” and the Occupation. He also talks about the government’s West Bank policies and practices, their repercussions, and possible ways of confronting them, including the role of the anti-Occupation movement in the current pro-democracy protest.

Before becoming Peace Now’s Executive Director last month, Lior Amihai served as the Executive Director of the Israeli human rights organization Yesh Din. Prior to his five years there, Lior co-headed Peace Now’s Settlement Watch project for almost six years. He holds a master’s degree in human rights studies from London’s University College.

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