Webinar Recording - Rise in Settler Violence

with Hagit Ofran and Lior Amihai

During the past few months, and particularly under Israel’s current government, there has been a significant increase in the proliferation and severity of violent acts by extremist Israeli West Bank settlers against neighboring Palestinians and their property.

To examine the depth and breadth of this trend and analyze its causes and objectives, APN hosted a webinar with two of Israel’s leading experts on this topic, Peace Now’s Hagit Ofran and Yesh Din’s Lior Amihai.



Hagit Ofran is the co-director of the Settlement Watch project at Israel’s Peace Now (Shalom Achshav) movement. She is widely recognized as one of Israel’s foremost experts on a full range of issues related to West Bank settlements and settlement-related developments in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Lior Amihai is the Executive Director of Yesh Din, an Israeli human rights organization that monitors, researches and conducts legal and public advocacy regarding violations of Palestinian human rights in the West Bank. Before joining Yesh Din, Lior jointly headed Peace Now’s Settlement Watch project with Hagit Ofran.