PAST ACTION - Tell your Representatives and Senators to continue to support diplomacy with Iran

Update: this action, now closed, ran in December 2014

As you know, last week the parties to the ongoing negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program agreed to extend talks. This extension underscores the important progress that has been made in talks so far, as well as the shared understanding of the very serious risks failure will entail, for everyone. All those who are genuinely concerned with the challenge posed by Iran’s nuclear program should continue to stand with the Obama Administration and its P5+1 allies in supporting this extension in negotiations.

Tell your Senators and Representatives in Congress: “I support continued diplomacy with Iran -- and I want you to do the same.”  Call 855-686-6927*.

Iran Talks Extended

Diplomacy still offers the best chance to resolve U.S. and international concerns about Iran’s nuclear program and nuclear ambitions and to avoid new military conflict. As this extension period goes forward, Congress has every right to ask for regular consultation with the Obama Administration on the progress of diplomacy. At the same time, members of Congress must reject efforts – backed by some inside and outside Congress – to impose new sanctions, formalize hardline conditions on a final agreement, or otherwise violate the interim agreement on which these talks are based.

New sanctions and similar initiatives risk undermining the ongoing diplomatic effort and harming the chances of reaching a final deal – to the detriment of U.S. national interests as well as the genuine interests of Israel. If such efforts succeed in discrediting or derailing diplomacy, the only winners will be extremists in Tehran and irresponsible, pro-war forces in the U.S. and international community.

Tell your Senators and Representatives in Congress: “The pro-American, pro-Israel position is to support of continued negotiations – not new sanctions.”  Call 855-686-6927

President Obama, Secretary Kerry, and their partners in the international community deserve credit for their committed pursuit of an agreement that will curb the threat posed by Iran’s nuclear program. Congress – and anyone who cares about Israel and U.S. national interests – should do everything possible to support their efforts and ensure that they have every chance for success.

Call your Senators and Representatives in Congress and tell them: “As a constituent, I want you to stand with President Obama and the international community in continued support of diplomacy with Iran.” Call 855-686-6927

Call Congress by using this special toll-free number: 1-855-686-6927*. This number will connect you with the Capitol Switchboard operator, and you should ask to be connected to your Representative’s office. Introduce yourself as a constituent and explain that you support the extension of talks with Iran. Once you’re done, call back and ask to be connected to each of your Senators’ offices.

After you’ve called, please report your call and ask your friends and family to add their voices in support of diplomacy.

*Toll-free number provided by the Friends Committee on National Legislation.