APN In the News: September 8 - September 14

Arab News: "Palestine mission still open despite US threats to close it" (9/11/18)

Ori Nir, the director of communication at the nonprofit organization Americans for Peace Now, told Arab News that the move to close the Palestinian office in Washington is “another swing of Trump’s wrecking ball” at prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace.

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France 24: "25 years on, Israeli right-wingers ready to declare Oslo accords dead" (9/10/18)

When Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat sealed the first Oslo agreement with a handshake on the White House lawn, there were 110,066 settlers in the West Bank and another 6,234 in the Gaza Strip, according to Israeli settlement watchdog Peace Now.

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Israel i24 News: "APN's Debra Shushan - Video Clips" BYLINE(optional) (9/5/18)

Debating with Ruthie Blum of the Gatestone Institute and Fatah international spokesperson Ziad Khalil Abu Zayyad, APN's Debra Shushan discusses the Trump administration's closure of the PLO Mission in DC, the Palestinian turn toward the International Criminal Court, the pending demolition of the West Bank Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar, and the IDF's grim projection for conflict between Israel and Gaza.

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APN In the News: August 31 - September 7

Ha'aretz: "There's No 'Resistance' Saving Israel-Palestine From Trump - and Unimaginable Catastrophe" by APN's Debra Shushan (9/6/18)

There are no adults in the room, anonymous or not, diligently frustrating Trump's cruel, disastrous Mideast policy, only arsonists - Jared Kushner, Jason Greenblatt and David Friedman - dousing the house with kerosene.

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Vineyard Gazette: "Waging Peace, Fighting for Justice, Together" (9/5/18)

Sitting together in the living room of their Aquinnah home, Cora and Peter Weiss work in tandem to tell the stories of their lives...

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Israel i24 News: "APN's Debra Shushan - Video Clips" BYLINE(optional) (9/5/18)

Watch clips from this week's show on Netanyahu's affinity for human rights violators in light of Philippine President Duterte's visit to Israel; Jared Kushner's Palestinian-Jordanian confederation proposal to President Abbas; Ambassador Friedman's assault on UNRWA and aid to Palestinians; and what revelations from Bob Woodward's Fear mean for Netanyahu.

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France 24: "Jordan rejects idea of confederation with Palestinians" (9/5/18)

Hagit Ofran of Israel's Peace Now NGO reported Abbas as saying he had told the US officials, who are working on a peace plan, that he would only be interested if Israel was also part of such a confederation.

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Ha'aretz: "Dozens of Housing Units Approved for Jewish Residents in East Jerusalem" (9/6/18)

Hagit Ofran of the organization Peace Now said that "this is not a real estate project but a project of defiance and settlement."

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Times of Israel (Live Update): "Abbas says Trump team offered Palestinian-Jordanian confederation" (9/6/18)

...He makes the remarks at a meeting with Knesset members and activists from the NGO Peace Now in Ramallah.

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Xinhua: "Palestinian president says refugee issue must be solved with int'l resolutions" BYLINE(optional) (DATE)

Abbas made his remarks in a meeting with an Israeli delegation representing the Israeli "Peace Now" movement at his office in Ramallah, where he reacted to the United States decision to stop its aid to the Palestinian refugees' agency UNRWA.

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Jerusalem Post: "PM Says Gush Katif evacuees akin to Palestinian refugees" (9/2/08)

“The US wants to totally sabotage UNRWA,” Abbas told a visiting delegation from the left-wing Israeli NGO Peace Now.

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Arutz Sheva: "'Likud Youth' leader booted for meeting with Abbas" (9/3/18)

Deputy head of Likud youth movement dismissed for participating in meeting with PA chairman organized by Peace Now.

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The Jordan Times: "Abbas offered confederation with Jordan by US team — NGO" (9/7/18)

Sunday’s meeting included members of Peace Now and other organisations, as well as two Israeli parliament members.

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Ma'an News Agency: "Abbas: 'US administration proposed confederation with Jordan'" BYLINE(optional) (9/3/18)

(Peace Now Director) Morag concluded the meeting by assuring Abbas that "The Israeli peace camp is widespread and during the next general election Peace Now will demand from the leaders a commitment to advancing the two-state solution."

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APN In the News: August 18- August 24

Forward: "Want To Stop Hemorrhaging Diaspora Support, Israel? Here’s What We Need" by APN's Debra Shushan (8/23/18)

It has become axiomatic that a widening schism exists in relations between Israel and Diaspora Jewry. Relations with American Jews (who constitute over 70% of Diaspora Jewry) are increasingly fraught. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seems unperturbed.

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JTA/Cleveland Jewish News: "In West Bank settlements, the housing market is booming" (8/23/18)

Hagit Ofran, who heads Peace Now’s Settlement Watch project, said the main problem facing any potential settlement evacuation is the sheer number of residents who live in isolated settlements.

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VIDEO CLIP of APN's Debra Shushan - "Bibi's Partisan Divide" - Israel i24 News "The Spin Room" (8/23/18)

Watch Shushan, selected to be a regular panelist, speak about the US partisan divide in approval/disapproval of Prime Minister Neyanyahu. NOTE: Link takes you to the page with all the Shushan videos.

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Ha'aretz: "For West Bank Settlement Marking 40 Years, Donald Trump Is Just Another Reason to Celebrate" (8/17/18)

Peace Now's Shabtay Bendet quoted in this article about the 40 year anniversary of the Ariel settlement.

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APN In the News: August 10- August 17

Video clips of APN's Debra Shushan from Israel i24 News "The Spin Room" (8/15/18)

Shushan speaks passionately about the questioning and detaining of Peter Beinart, Reza Aslan, and others on political grounds at Israeli ports of entry.

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Times of Israel: "Parshat Shoftim: A Political Imperative for Liberal Jews" by Elana Kravitz, APN Intern (8/15/18)

Elul, the Jewish month leading up to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, is a time of reflection, soul-searching, and repentance... Jews in the US and in Israel have a lot to contemplate.

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Jerusalem Post: "Jerusalem Heritage House's list of 'haters of Israel' includes Jon Stewart, Bette Midler, Natalie Portman, Bernie Sanders and more" (8/14/18)

The list also includes "Peace Now staff and supporters."

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APN In the News: August 04-August 10

Ha'aretz Analysis: In Show of Renewed Activism, Arab Israelis to Protest Nation-state Law on Saturday (8/10/18)

...On Thursday, all the organizations, movements and political parties involved, including Meretz and Peace Now, issued a joint call to come out and protest.

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Israel i24 News: The Spin Room featuring APN's Debra Shushan (8/8/18)

Debra Shushan was a panelist (for the third week in a row!) on the Israel i24 news debate program "The Spin Room". View a short clip of her talking about Israeli democracy and the Nation State law, as well as the entire program.

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Times of Israel: "Donors: Do you know what you’re paying for?" by Elana Kravitz, APN Intern (8/2/18)

When you crusade with the claim that Israel does no wrong, you drive students into the arms of the BDS movement.

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APN In the News: July 27-August 03

JTA: "Settlers welcome Mike Huckabee to a Trump-style building dedication in Efrat" (8/1/18)

Hagit Ofran of Peace Now: "Netanyahu is seizing the opportunity of the carte blanche he got from Trump to set facts on the ground in order to prevent the possibility of a two-state solution.”

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WATCH Israel i24 News: "The Spin Room" featuring APN's Debra Shushan (8/1/18)

This debate program is hosted by veteran journalist Ami Kaufman. APN's Director of Policy and Government Relations Debra Shushan is becoming a regular guest on the show,

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APN: Analysis: Why Israel's Nation-State Law is Not Only Anti-Democratic But Also Anti-Peace" by Ori Nir (7/27/18)

Israel’s new Nation-State Law is not only anti-democratic. It is also anti-peace. It hinders not only peace between Jews and non-Jews in Israel, but it also severely hampers prospects for future peace between Israel and its Palestinian neighbors.

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Israel i24 News "The Spin Room" (7/25/18)

Topics debated by APN Policy and Government Relations Director Debra Shushan and fellow guests Vivian Bercovici (former Canadian ambassador to Israel), Aaron Klein (Breitbart), and moderator Ami Kaufman included Israeli-Syrian hostilities, international reaction to the Nation-State Law, Israel's LGBT protests, Birthright walkoffs, and the Trump-Cohen taped discussion of paying for rights to Karen McDougal's story of her alleged affair with Trump.

Israel i24 News "The Spin Room" (7/18/18)

APN's Director of Policy and Government Relations Debra Shushan appeared on "The Spin Room" on Israel's i24 News on July 18. WATCH by clicking the pop-out button (top-right) and fast-forwarding to 1:39. 

Topics debated by Shushan and fellow guests Colette Avital (former MK, Labor), Ruthie Blum (Gatestone Institute), and moderator Ami Kaufman included President Trump's Helsinki performance, Israel's Nation-State Law, incendiary kites from Gaza, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's visit to Israel. 

Elana Kravitz is a student at Columbia University studying Political Science and Arabic, currently an Americans for Peace Now intern

Mohammed Bin Salman was elevated to the status of crown prince of Saudi Arabia just over a year ago, and what a year it’s been. He quickly became an international celebrity better known as MBS, the man of the hour in the Middle East, and even a welcome presence on the Rock’s Instagram. He captured the world’s attention with a prolonged charm offensive and “revolutionary” reforms in Saudi Arabia such as allowing women to drive and disempowering the infamous Saudi Arabian religious police.

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APN in the News: June 3-8, 2018

APN Board Chair Jim Klutznick and Marilyn Katz in The Forward: June 5, 2018
"Three Myths About Gaza Dispelled"

The front-page photos and nightly news reports of the killings at the Gaza/Israel border have faded; the issues that fueled the confrontation have not. That the lives of 119 Gazans have been lost and thousands more unalterably changed is horrific. It will be just as tragic if the history of Gaza and the truth is buried along with those killed. Read More >

APN Director of Communications and Public Outreach Ori Nir in al-Ayyam (Palestinian Arabic Daily): June 3, 2018
"APN's Ori Nir urges Palestinians to reach out to progressive American Jews"

My first story as Haaretz’s new Palestinian affairs correspondent in 1986 was a profile of Zafer al-Masri, the legendary mayor of Nablus. Mr. al-Masri was a generous, compassionate man. I remember our conversation turning to the importance of mutual empathy and compassion in relations between people. He noted that national communities too should treat each other with empathy. When Israelis and Palestinians will treat the other with mutual empathy and respect, we will get closer to the peace that we all seek, he said. Read More >

JTA: June 7, 2018
"Kenneth Marcus narrowly wins Senate approval for top civil rights post," APN's Debra Shushan quoted in a story about Kenneth Marcus winning Senate approval.

New York Jewish Week: June 6, 2018
"Defining Anti-Semitism Tests Issues Of Speech, Bias," APN opposes Antisemitism Awareness Act.

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