Peace Now in the News: April 21 - May 18, 2018

Times of Israel: May 13, 2018
"Israeli protesters rally against US embassy move to Jerusalem," Peace Now, with other groups, organizes pro-peace march in Jerusalem.

Haaretz: May 11, 2018
"All you need to know about Israel’s roller-coaster week," Peace Now plans protest outside site of new US embassy in Jerusalem.

Haaretz: May 11, 2018
"Jerusalem Police Prohibit 'Inciting' Peace Now Sign Outside U.S. Embassy Opening," Peace Now first banned then allowed to hang a sign protesting the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Post: May 4, 2018
"Israel to roll out plan to legalize all West Bank outposts," Peace Now opposes Israeli government plan to "legalize" West Bank illegal outposts.

Israel National News: April 23, 2018
"Leftists support Natalie Portman," Peace Now, in a virtual campaign, backs Portman.

Jerusalem Post: April 22, 2018
"Israeli Minister: Natalie Portman's decision borders on antisemitism," Peace Now defends Portman with a digital campaign: I'm with her.

APN in the News: April 21 - May 18, 2018

APN Director of Policy and Government Relations Debra Shushan in Haaretz: May 16, 2018
"The Day Donald Trump Was Crowned King in Jerusalem"

For Jews around the world, the opening of the U.S. embassy to Israel in Jerusalem should have been an occasion for jubilation and pride. And while for some it was, many of the rest of us watched the ceremony feeling a combination of nausea and cognitive dissonance. There were at least three reasons to feel ill. Read More >

Haaretz: May 16, 2018
"How Trump went from rebuffing top Jewish Republicans on U.S. embassy move to ‘King of Israel’", News analysis generously quotes op-ed by APN's Debra Shushan.

New Jersey Jewish News: May 16, 2018
"Experts wonder if move precludes possibility of deal," APN's Ori Nir quoted in article about the feasibility and desirability of a White House Israeli-Palestinian peace plan.

Jerusalem Post: May 15, 2018
"U.S. Jewish groups laud Trump's 'courageous' embassy move," News story on embassy inauguration generously quotes APN press release.

Jerusalem Post: May 15, 2018
"U.S. Jewish groups laud Trump's 'courageous' embassy move," News story on embassy inauguration generously quotes APN press release.

APN Director of Policy and Government Relations Debra Shushan and APN Board Member Peter Weiss in the New York Jewish Week: May 14, 2018
"Israeli Annexation Of West Bank Would Violate International Law"

The Israeli government is on a reckless mission to extend permanently its control over the West Bank by annexing by force all or parts of the occupied territory. Developments over the past year, facilitated by the permissive attitude of the Trump Administration, are particularly alarming. Read More >

APN Board Member Kathleen Peratis in the Forward: May 11, 2018
"My Zionism Is Fading, One Expulsion At A Time"

I feel like I am standing on a melting ice floe. For decades, I have loved Israel. I want it to thrive as a shining, rights-abiding country. And yet, increasingly, I find I can envision a day when I (or maybe my children) will not want to go there anymore. My Jewish life, which began 25 years ago when I was nearly 50, was always built around that vision of Israel and my deep conviction that it could be the reality. Read More >

Cleveland Jewish News (JTA story): May 2, 2018
"Mahmoud Abbas’ remarks on the Holocaust explain why two-state solution is dying," APN among Jewish organizations criticizing Abbas for anti-Semitic comments.

Times of Israel: May 2, 2018
"German Palestinian group slams Abbas Holocaust speech," APN among Jewish groups condemning Palestinian President Abbas for anti-Semitic comments.

Algemeiner: May 2, 2018
"US Jewish Groups From Across Political Spectrum Blast Palestinian Leader Abbas Over Antisemitism," APN among groups condemning Abbas for anti-Semitic comments.

Haaretz: May 1, 2018
"U.S. Officials and Jewish Groups Denounce Abbas' Speech, Accusing Him of anti-Semitism,"APN denounces Abbas' antisemitic statements; Tweets in English, Hebrew and Arabic.

Jerusalem Post: May 1, 2018
"U.S. Jewish groups hail Israeli intel after Iran nuke revelations," APN's statement on Netanyahu's speech re: Iran nukes quoted.

JTA: April 26, 2018
"A pro-Israel leader mocked Natalie Portman as beautiful but not ‘too bright.’ Twitter wasn’t amused." APN's Debra Shushan quoted in story on Mort Klein's scandalous comment re: Portman.

JTA: April 24, 2018
"Does Natalie Portman’s snub of Netanyahu make her the face of liberal Zionism?," APN's Debra Shushan and APN Board Member Mik Moore are quoted in a story on the Natalie Portman controversy.

Peace Now in the News: March 31 - April 20, 2018

Haaretz: April 9, 2018
"Palestinian families evicted from their East Jerusalem homes amid dispute with Elad," Peace Now's Hagit Ofran quoted in a story about more evictions of Palestinian families from Silwan, East Jerusalem.

New York Times: April 2, 2018
"Israel Courts Catastrophe in Gaza Protests," NYT editorial quotes Peace Now statement regarding Gaza events.


APN in the News: March 31, 2018 - April 20, 2018

New York Times: April 20, 2018
The Insanity at the Gaza Fence,” APN mentioned (in hyperlink) as a resource by Roger Cohen in an op-ed.

+972: April 16, 2018
"Debunking the myth: White House envoy Jason Greenblatt is no moderate," Article on Jason Greenblatt mentions APN's campaign urging David Friedman's dismissal.

Al-Monitor: April 11, 2018
"Palestinian journalist’s killing spurs international condemnation," APN's Ori Nir quoted in a story about the IDF's shooting of Palestinian journalists on the Gaza border.

APN in the News: February 24 - March 30, 2018

APN Director of Policy and Government Relations Debra Shushan in Haaretz: March 19, 2018
"Trump's Policies Towards the Palestinians Are Based on Bad Faith, Ineptitude and Cruelty"

Two conferences held last week underlined the Trump Administration’s combination of bad faith and ineptitude in addressing Gaza’s severe humanitarian crisis. The first one, convened by the White House, was dubbed a "brainstorming session" on Gaza by Trump’s special representative for international negotiations Jason Greenblatt. At the outset, Greenblatt enjoined participants to "leave all politics at the door" in order to help Gaza. Read More >

Times of Israel: March 29, 2018
"Liberal Jewish groups slam Bolton for ‘bellicose ideology, anti-Muslim bigotry'," APN among liberal Jewish groups slamming Bolton for 'bellicose ideology, anti-Muslim bigotry.'

The Forward: March 15, 2018
"Presidents Conference ‘Transparency’ Questioned After Malcolm Hoenlein Revelations," APN among other member organizations of the Conference of Presidents that are concerned about Hoenlein's role on corporate boards.

The Arab Weekly: March 11, 2018
"US policy on the Middle East just got foggier," APN's Ori Nir comments on the Trump administration's lackluster performance in advancing Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Haaretz: March 5, 2018
"As Trump and Netanyahu Meet, Our Plea as Interfaith Leaders: Stop Boosting the Proponents of a Religious War," APN's Debra Shushan co-authors interfaith op-ed: Stop Boosting the Proponents of a Religious War.

Al-Bawaba: February 28, 2018
"Who are the Zionists Against Israeli Settlements and the Occupation of the West Bank?," APN's Ori Nir quoted in story on "liberal Zionism."

Al-Bawaba: February 25, 2018
"What is the Pro-Israel Lobby and How is it Shaping US Foreign Policy on Iran?," APN's Debra Shushan quoted in story on American Jews' position re Iran.

Peace Now in the News: March 24 - 30, 2018

Times of Israel: March 26, 2018
"Claiming Defense Ministry approval, settlers enter 2 disputed Hebron buildings," Peace Now condemns settlers' taking over disputed homes in Hebron.

Ynet News: March 26, 2018
"Settlements grew under Trump presidency," Peace Now report: Settlements grew under Trump presidency.

JTA: March 26, 2018
"West Bank construction starts rose about 17 percent for 2017, Peace Now reports," Peace Now: West Bank construction starts rose about 17 percent for 2017.

i24 News: March 26, 2018
"Most new settler homes being built in 'isolated' West Bank settlements," Peace Now report: Most new settler homes being built in 'isolated' West Bank settlements.

Jerusalem Post: March 26, 2018
"Illegal settler outpost building resumed with 16 new sites," Peace Now report: Illegal settler outpost building resumed with 16 new sites.

Peace Now in the News: March 6 - March 21, 2018

Jerusalem Post: March 21, 2018
"Since Trump took office, new settlement construction has declined," Peace Now's Hagit Ofran comments on stats showing a decline in West Bank settlement housing starts since Trump's presidency.

Haaretz: March 8, 2018
"Israeli government-funded council spent millions on illegal settlements," Peace Now accuses settlement regional council of breaking the law using tax-payer funds to pay for illegal construction.

Jerusalem Post: March 6, 2018
"Work starts on new industrial zone Kiryat Arba settlement," Peace Now opposes construction of industrial zone in Kiryat Arba.


Peace Now in the News: February 13-19, 2018

ABC News: February 19, 2018
"Israeli settler leader says settlements grew rapidly in 2017," Brian Reeves, spokesman for Peace Now, an anti-settlement monitoring group, said it could not corroborate Katz's figures but that they are in the "ballpark" of its own estimates.

Haaretz: February 19, 2018
"Netanyahu eyes paying settlers millions for leaving illegal outpost built on private Palestinian land," the High Court ordered the structures in the outpost to be pulled down, following a petition from Peace Now and some Palestinian residents of the Palestinian town of al-Khader.

Times of Israel: February 19, 2018
"Government scrambles to ease pain of illegal outpost evacuation," Peace Now slammed news of a compensation plan for the residents, calling it “political bribery for building offenders.”

Times of Israel: February 13, 2018
"Israel okays temporary homes for residents of outpost slated to be razed," Peace Now slammed approvals, saying that the government had actually authorized the establishment of several new settlements, claiming that projects, such as the one for the Netiv Ha’avot residents are located well beyond the borders of the settlements they’re adjacent to.

Jerusalem Post: February 13, 2018
"New housing site approved for 15 Netiv Ha'avot families," Peace Now and Yesh Din have filed multiple cases on behalf of the Palestinian village of El-Khader, which claims the land falls under their jurisdiction.

APN in the News: January 1 - February 10, 2018

Jerusalem Post: February 10, 2018
"Jewish groups call on Trump to fire senior advisor Stephen Miller," APN among Jewish groups that issued the call in an open letter to the White House chief of staff, Gen. John Kelly.

JTA: February 9, 2018
"17 Jewish groups call on White House to fire adviser Stephen Miller," APN among 17 groups that called on White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to fire Stephen Miller. 

Jewish Journal: February 8, 2018
"Moving & Shaking: Shelley Berman Celebrated, Spotlighting Mizrahi Jews," The Jewish Journal featured a write-up of APN's recent event in LA honoring David Broaza and Rob Eshman.

The Forward: January 31, 2018
"BDS opponents want Israel held to a lower standard," Lara Friedman condemns politicians and groups pushing for anti-BDS legislation, which blatantly undermines free speech, and she contrasts this with the work of groups such as the ACLU, APN, If Not Now, and J Street.

Middle East Online: January 31, 2018
"Pence’s visit to Middle East adds another nail to the peace process coffin," Quotes Yossi Alpher's comment in Hard Questions, Tough Answers: "I can’t recall a high-level American visit that was so solidly boycotted by Palestinians and so devoid of diplomatic content.”

Algemeiner (JNS story): January 14, 2018
"Major Jewish Organizations Back Israel’s BDS Entry Ban, Barred Groups Call It ‘Bullying’," APN opposes list of organizations banned from entering Israel due to their support of BDS.

i24 News: January 10, 2018
"300 US Jewish clergy oppose razing West Bank village in letter to Netanyahu," APN co-sponsors rabbis' letter to Netanyahu opposing razing of West Bank village.

Al-Monitor: January 4, 2018
"Trump Jerusalem decision opens Israeli expansionism floodgates," APN press release quoted in a story on repercussions of Trump's Jerusalem statement.

Peace Now in the News: February 4 - 7, 2018

Arab News: February 7, 2018
"Time to rise above anger when confronting Israeli extremism," Ray Hanania wrote that Palestinians need to build relations with pro-peace Israeli groups such as Peace Now.

Arutz Sheva: February 5, 2018
"Left panics after Havat Gilad recognized," Quotes Hagit Ofran's explanation and analysis of the government's adecision to legalize the illegal outpost after Rabbi Raziel Shevach's murder.

The Daily Star (Lebanon): February 5, 2018
"PLO to mull revoking recognition of Israel," Cites Peace Now calling the effort to legalize the outpost a “cynical exploitation of the murder.”

Al Arabiya: February 4, 2018
"Israel begins distributing deportation notices to Africans, legalizes West Bank settlement," Cites Peace Now saying the effort to legalize it is a “cynical exploitation of the murder.”

New York Post: February 4, 2018
"Israel to legalize settlement outpost deep in West Bank," Cites Peace Now calling the effort to legalize the outpost a “cynical exploitation of the murder.”

Jerusalem Post: February 4, 2018
"Cabinet expected to give not to settlement status for Havat Gilad," Peace Now warned sucha move would be a grave mistake and that it would need to be evactuated in a final status agreement.


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