Press Release: APN to Obama: Don't Block UNSC Resolution on Israeli-Palestinian Peace

APN today called on the Obama Administration not to block the Jordanian-backed resolution in the United Nations Security Council regarding Israeli-Palestinian peace.  APN president and CEO Debra DeLee commented:

"We urge the Obama Administration, as a true friend of Israel, not to block the Jordanian-introduced resolution in the United Nations Security Council setting out parameters and a timeline for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.  Notwithstanding the misleading reports and cynical criticisms of this UN effort, the bottom line is this:  the substance of this resolution is firmly in line with longstanding U.S. policy regarding a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and passage of this resolution is consistent with the national interests of both the U.S. and Israel.  For these reasons, the Obama Administration, if it is not prepared to support the resolution, should not intervene to block its passage.

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Press Release: APN to Obama, Kerry: Now is the Time for UNSC Pro-Peace Resolution

Americans for Peace Now (APN) today reiterated its call on the Obama administration to support French-led efforts to gain consensus around a United Nations Security Council laying out terms of reference and a timeline for Israeli-Palestinian, two-state negotiations. APN urged the Obama administration to reject efforts to delay such a resolution until after Israeli elections (March 2015).  APN President and CEO Debra DeLee commented: 

"As a true friend of Israel, the Obama administration should be working closely with the French and other parties to achieve consensus around a new Israeli-Palestinian peace resolution in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), and to help pass such a resolution expeditiously.  Passage of a two-state resolution by the UNSC offers an historic opportunity for friends of Israel in the international community, including the Obama administration, to breathe new life into the two-state solution.  It can go a long way to strengthening those Israelis and Palestinians – among both the general population and among the current and potential leaders – who stand firmly with such a solution.  It can also send a much-needed message to rejectionists on both sides, making clear that the world is out of patience with ideologies and actions that prioritize land over peace, and prefer perpetual war in pursuit of zero-sum outcomes to a negotiated compromise.

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APN today called on the Obama Administration to support action in the United Nations Security Council regarding Israel-Palestine that supports a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  APN president and CEO Debra DeLee commented:

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APN to Congress: Allow Iran Negotiations to Continue Unhindered during Extension

Washington, DC – Americans for Peace Now (APN) today released the following statement on extending negotiations regarding Iran's nuclear quest: The fact that all parties to the current Iran diplomatic effort wish to extend negotiations underscores the important progress that has been made in talks so far as well as the shared understanding of the very serious risks failure will entail, for everyone.

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Americans for Peace Now (APN) is horrified and outraged by today's savage terrorist attack on Jewish worshippers at a Jerusalem synagogue, which left four innocent civilians dead and others injured. APN strongly condemns this attack. We stand with the people of Israel. Our hearts are with the families that have been broken by today's attack. We wish full and rapid recovery to those who were injured.

Jerusalem is bleeding. At this time, Israeli and Palestinian leaders bear a heavy responsibility. They must put an end to inflammatory actions and rhetoric that would further intensify the bloodshed. They must fight terrorism and incitement. At the same time, they must also seek ways to engage diplomatically to reach a political settlement for the conflict – the only way to avoid perpetual bloodletting between Israelis and Palestinians.

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Washington, DC – Americans for Peace Now (APN) strongly condemns today’s terrorist attacks in Tel Aviv and the West Bank.  Coming in the context of the extremely volatile situation in Jerusalem and this past weekend’s controversial killing of a Palestinian citizen of Israel by Israeli police, these attacks signal a potentially dangerous expansion and escalation of tensions and violence. 

For the sake of Israelis – both Jewish and Palestinian – and for Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem, a further descent into violence and conflict must be prevented.   This escalating crisis – between Israel and the Palestinians and within Israeli society itself – once again sends a resounding message to Israelis and Palestinians, and their respective leaders: allowing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to fester, while occupation deepens and all hope for a political horizon via a negotiated solution are destroyed, will only result in more pain and suffering for Israelis and Palestinians alike.

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APN Condemns Jerusalem Terrorist Attack; Calls for Calm, Political Horizon

Washington, DC – Americans for Peace Now (APN) strongly condemns today’s terrorist attack in Jerusalem, in which a Palestinian motorist rammed his van into a crowed of civilians at the seam-line between East and West Jerusalem, killing an Israeli policeman and injuring several bystanders.  This is the second such attack in Jerusalem in two weeks.

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APN to Netanyahu, Obama: Stop East Jerusalem Settlement Construction

Americans for Peace Now joins its Israeli sister organization, Israel’s Peace Now movement, in strongly condemning the Israeli authorities’ decision to proceed with an East Jerusalem construction project that has triggered deep disapproval among the international community, including in Washington.

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APN Strongly Condemns Assassination Attempt of Jerusalem's Rabbi Glick; Urges Restraint

Americans for Peace Now joins its Israeli sister organization, Peace Now, in strongly condemning the assassination-attempt of Rabbi Yehuda Glick, an extreme right-wing activist who advocates for Jewish prayer in Jerusalem's Temple Mount, and for re-building the Jewish Temple at the site of al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site to Islam. 

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Press Release: Netanyahu, Stop the Provocations!

With tensions in Jerusalem and beyond rising to a boiling point, Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu and members of his cabinet have initiated a series of highly inflammatory steps and have been using incendiary language in recent days.

Americans for Peace Now (APN) is angered and alarmed at the brazenness of Prime Minister Netanyahu's recent provocative moves, and joins the Obama administration in warning the Israeli government of the potential consequences of these measures.

APN's President and CEO Debra DeLee said: "During the past few days, in the midst of a violent flare-up of demonstrations in East Jerusalem – one of the longest and most violent waves of riots in recent history – Netanyahu seems to be eager to fuel the fire rather than extinguish it.

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