PAST ACTION - SIGN THE PETITION to Netanyahu and Gantz: NO to Annexation, YES to Peace!

Update: this action, now closed, ran in April 2020. 

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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his opponent-turned-coalition-partner Benny Gantz have agreed to guidelines that allow for Israeli annexation in the West Bank beginning as soon as July 1, 2020.

The Netanyahu-Gantz government, allegedly established to join forces to fight the Coronavirus, will be the first in Israel’s history to adopt such an extremist policy principle.

Annexation might lead to another wave of violence, far beyond the West Bank. It will be a blow to moderates on the Palestinian side who still believe in dialogue and compromise, and will strengthen extremists on both sides. It will severely jeopardize Israel’s peace accords with Jordan and Egypt. A violation of international law, annexation is likely to severely damage Israel’s international relations.

Annexation will send a message to the citizens of Israel, the Palestinians and the entire world that Israel favors continuing its bloody conflict with the Palestinians and an apartheid-like reality in the West Bank over democracy and peace. Responsible leaders must not make annexation into a policy objective.

Join our partners at Israel’s peace movement by telling Netanyahu and Gantz:

No to Annexation, Yes to Peace!

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