For Giving Tuesday: Give (donations), Don't Take (annexation)

Under the cover of a global epidemic, when the world is focused on saving lives and preventing another great depression, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu, with the active support of Donald Trump, is advancing a plan that would threaten the chances of Israel ever achieving peace with the Palestinians.

Netanyahu– together with his new coalition partner Benny Gantz -- has announced that come July 1st he will push legislation to annex to Israel large parts of the West Bank. The Trump administration is not only giving Netanyahu a green light but actually egging him on to take this destructive step.

(Photo - The dangers of annexation brought out Peace Now activists to the public square in Tel Aviv even during the coronavirus crisis. Larger sign says: "Annexation = The Destruction of Democracy")

Like everyone else, the Israeli public is distracted by COVID-19. Even Palestinians are. Before we know it, we could be faced with an Israeli fait-accompli of West Bank annexation.

Americans for Peace Now in the United States and Israel’s Peace Now movement, our sister organization, are together working to alert the Israeli public and Americans who, like you, care about Israel's future, to the disastrous repercussions of West Bank annexation.

On this Giving Tuesday, when you support organizations that work to confront the Coronavirus crisis, please consider supporting us and our partners in Israel in fighting Netanyahu and Trump’s joint effort to destroy prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace.