Mandy Patinkin for Giving Tuesday - "We all want peace now, not peace later"

Dear Fellow APN Supporters,

To paraphrase the great Congressman John Lewis, peace is not a state; it is an act. Please read the letter from Kathryn and me -- read about Hebron, read about the moral bankruptcy the occupation has wrought, read and respond because we all want peace now, not peace later.

Thanks to the generosity of the Board of Directors of APN, of which I am a proud member, both new donations and increased donations from last year will be matched up to $20,000.

Kathryn and I wish you and your family health and strength as our nation continues to fight this brutal pandemic. I deeply appreciate the encouragement you continually give us.

Mandy Patinkin

November 2020

Dear Friend,

Thirty-eight years ago, when my wife Kathryn and I were expecting our first child, we went to Israel to research the movie Yentl. I stayed at an Orthodox Yeshiva, and Kathryn at The American Colony Hotel. The next day we spent a beautiful day in Hebron, surrounded by curious children happy to meet visiting Americans, and went on a tour of a vibrant neighborhood, guided spontaneously by a sweet stranger at the Cave Of The Patriarchs and Matriarchs. Our baby boy moved fiercely when visiting this tomb, and we decided that was a sign that he should be named Isaac. Fast forward almost 40 years, when I was filming an episode of Homeland, and I traveled to Israel and Palestine. Once again, I visited Hebron. But this time, traveling with Israeli peace activists from Shalom Achshav, those thriving streets Kathryn and I had seen were no longer.

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