Recording - "Trump's Peace" by Barak Ravid

with Barak Ravid

Barak Ravid’s book, Trump’s Peace, was released last month with a bang. Juicy quotes shedding light on Donald Trump’s attitude toward Benjamin Netanyahu and other scoops attracted international attention.

Ravid’s new book carefully and systematically documents both the resounding failure of Trump’s effort to push his “Deal of the Century” to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Trump’s subsequent surprising success to normalize relations between Israel and the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco.

What were the dynamics in Washington, Jerusalem and the broader Middle East that blocked the West Bank annexation initiative but allowed for the normalization agreements? How were the normalization agreements born? What role did COVID-19 and Netanyahu’s legal troubles play? How do the so-called Abraham Accords impact Israel and its prospects of achieving peace with the Palestinians?

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*Video recording and transcript forthcoming


Barak Ravid is one of Israel’s top journalists, widely considered the country’s leading diplomatic correspondent. Currently with Walla and previously with Channel 13 and Haaretz, Ravid is also a Contributing Correspondent at Axios. His new book, published in Hebrew this month, immediately became an Israeli non-fiction bestseller.