Recording - A Very Brief Guide to Antisemitism

with Rabbi Jill Jacobs and Hadar Susskind








American Jewish organizations have been intensifying their efforts to fight antisemitism as hateful rhetoric proliferates worldwide.

Unfortunately, some of these groups are increasingly weaponizing the fight against antisemitism to quash legitimate criticism of Israeli policies and practices, violating free speech, and suppressing vital conversations regarding Israel’s imperfections.

T’ruah, the Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, and Americans for Peace Now are actively working, within America’s Jewish community and beyond, to fight that trend, to draw the line between antisemitism and legitimate criticism of Israel. T’ruah recently published a useful Very Brief Guide to Antisemitism to help better understand the phenomenon and to help tell the difference between legitimate criticism of Israel and anti-Israel attitudes that cross the line and constitute antisemitism.

The CEOs of T’ruah and APN, Rabbi Jill Jacobs and Hadar Susskind, discussed this troubling trend as well as their organizations’ response to it.

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