Recording- Executive Action Against Settler Violence: A Deep Dive into President Biden's Order

2023 saw a significant surge in West Bank settler violence with the highest recorded number of incidents to date. President Biden's recently announced executive order is designed to address the escalating crisis. The first use of the executive order focused on Israeli settlers in the West Bank accused of perpetrating attacks against Palestinians and Israeli peace activists within the occupied territory. It did so by imposing financial sanctions and visa bans on four individuals. But is constructed in a way that it can have broader-reaching implications on the settlement enterprise.

This webinar features insights from Joel Braunold, Managing Director at S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace, and Lior Amichai, Executive Director of Peace Now. The speakers, in conversation with APN's Government Relations Director Madeleine Cereghino, delve into the intricacies of President Biden's executive order, assessing its potential impact on mitigating extremist settlers and potentially undercutting the settlement enterprise as a whole.

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