The Ongoing Tragedy in Egypt

Like much of the world, all of us at APN are watching the situation in Egypt with shock, horror, sadness - as well as with serious concern for what the future holds, both for that country and its people, and for the broader region, including Egypt's neighbor, Israel.

A huge amount of reporting, analysis, and commentary is out there dealing with the Egypt situation and its implications. APN will offer our own analysis and commentary when we believe we have something important to add. In the meantime, we are sharing the following list of English-language resources that we have found to be particularly helpful in following developments and their implications. Please note that this list does not imply an endorsement of every article or opinion published at any of these sites.

  • Egypt reporting and analysis from Al-Monitor (here)
  • The Atlantic Council's Egypt Source reporting and analysis (here)
  • Al Ahram (here)
  • MadaMasr blog (here)
  • The Arabist blog (here)
  • AUC's Cairo Review of Global Affair's Tahrir Forum (here)
  • Oum Cartoon: Caricature & Comics From Egypt (here)
  • Daily News Egypt (here)
  • The Egypt Independent (here)
  • The Guardian's Middle East Live(here)
  • Haaretz's Egypt in Turmoil (here)
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