Interview with Barbara Slavin, Iran policy expert


Interview with Barbara Slavin, Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, an Iran policy expert, on the impact of the new agreement on Iran and on prospects that the new agreement may serve to stimulate reform in Iran, going beyond Iran's nuclear ambitions. The interview is about 8 minutes long.


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Briefing call with Joe Cirincione on the Iran deal


Interview with Joe Cirincione, the President of the Ploughshares Fund and one of Washington's leading experts on the diplomatic efforts to block Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. The interview is about 5 minutes long. It was conducted right after the Iran deal was announced.


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Interview with Kelsey Davenport, Director for Nonproliferation Policy at the Arms Control Association, upon her return from Vienna, shortly after a deal has been reached with Iran to block it from acquiring nuclear weapons. The interview is about ten minutes long.


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Book Review: Children of the Stone by Sandy Tolan

Journalism professor Sandy TolanThis is another in a series of reviews of new books on Middle Eastern affairs. We asked Dr. Gail Weigl, an APN volunteer and a professor of art history, to review Sandy Tolan's new book about young Palestinian using the power of music to transform their lives under occupation.


APN's Ori Nir interviews Sandy Tolan.


Sandy Tolan, Children of the Stone: The Power of Music in a Hard Land (New York, 2015). 438 pages. $28.00.

Sandy Tolan’s Children of the Stone: The Power of Music in a Hard Land reads like fiction, but is a meticulously documented work of non-fiction, as the author makes clear in his introduction to the extensive source notes.  While the book remains focused throughout on the main protagonist, Ramzi Aburedwan, his musical training and successful effort to bring the healing power of music to the Palestinian communities of the Israeli Occupied Territories, equal – if not more attention – is devoted to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, from the founding of Israel to the present.  The stage for Ramzi’s story is never-ending physical and emotional violence perpetrated against the Palestinian people by the Israeli government and IDF. That history is interconnected with the more or less extensive stories of many Palestinians, Europeans and Americans devoted to music as the means to assuage Palestinian suffering and restore Palestinian honor and identity.

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Briefing call with Prof. Ami Pedahzur, expert on Israel’s radical right


On July 1, 2015, Prof. Ami Pedahzur of the University of Texas at Austin, an expert on Israel's radical right, briefed APN on his recent research regarding the West Bank settlers' power and influence in Israeli public life.


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Briefing call with Tom Segev on the 48th anniversary of the Six Day War


Segev_Collage350On June 3, 2015, APN hosted Israeli historian and journalist Tom Segev, the author of 1967: Israel, the War, and the Year that Transformed the Middle East, to discuss the 48th anniversary of the Six Day War and the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza that unfolded after the war.

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Briefing call with Galia Golan on Israel’s new government



On May 14, 2015, just as Benjamin Netanyahu's new government was being sworn-in in the Knesset, Israeli political expert and Peace Now founder Galia Golan was APN's guest on a briefing call analyzing the domestic and foreign policy challenges facing the new government.

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Listen: Israeli Elections, Initial Analysis with Yossi Alpher

Alpher 320x265On March 18, 2015, the day after Israel's general elections, Israeli political expert Yossi Alpher was APN's guest on a briefing call analyzing the election results.

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APN's Ori Nir discussing Israeli elections on NPR's "To The Point"

Mr Ori NirOn March 13, 2015, APN's Ori Nir was interviewed on Warren Olney's NPR nationally syndicated show, To the Point, to discuss Israel's upcoming elections. 

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Iran Briefing Call with Joseph Cirincione and Larry Hanauer 2/27/15

Hanauer-Cirincione320x265On Friday, February 27th  APN hosted Joseph Cirincione of the Ploughshares Fund and Larry Hanauer of the RAND Corporation on a briefing call regarding the current negotiations over Iran's nuclear quest, Congress' role in the negotiations process, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's effort to use Congress to scuttle the Obama administration's efforts to reach a deal.

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