Israel i24 News "The Spin Room" (7/18/18)

APN's Director of Policy and Government Relations Debra Shushan appeared on "The Spin Room" on Israel's i24 News on July 18. WATCH by clicking the pop-out button (top-right) and fast-forwarding to 1:39. 

Topics debated by Shushan and fellow guests Colette Avital (former MK, Labor), Ruthie Blum (Gatestone Institute), and moderator Ami Kaufman included President Trump's Helsinki performance, Israel's Nation-State Law, incendiary kites from Gaza, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's visit to Israel. 

Elana Kravitz is a student at Columbia University studying Political Science and Arabic, currently an Americans for Peace Now intern

Mohammed Bin Salman was elevated to the status of crown prince of Saudi Arabia just over a year ago, and what a year it’s been. He quickly became an international celebrity better known as MBS, the man of the hour in the Middle East, and even a welcome presence on the Rock’s Instagram. He captured the world’s attention with a prolonged charm offensive and “revolutionary” reforms in Saudi Arabia such as allowing women to drive and disempowering the infamous Saudi Arabian religious police.

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APN in the News: June 3-8, 2018

APN Board Chair Jim Klutznick and Marilyn Katz in The Forward: June 5, 2018
"Three Myths About Gaza Dispelled"

The front-page photos and nightly news reports of the killings at the Gaza/Israel border have faded; the issues that fueled the confrontation have not. That the lives of 119 Gazans have been lost and thousands more unalterably changed is horrific. It will be just as tragic if the history of Gaza and the truth is buried along with those killed. Read More >

APN Director of Communications and Public Outreach Ori Nir in al-Ayyam (Palestinian Arabic Daily): June 3, 2018
"APN's Ori Nir urges Palestinians to reach out to progressive American Jews"

My first story as Haaretz’s new Palestinian affairs correspondent in 1986 was a profile of Zafer al-Masri, the legendary mayor of Nablus. Mr. al-Masri was a generous, compassionate man. I remember our conversation turning to the importance of mutual empathy and compassion in relations between people. He noted that national communities too should treat each other with empathy. When Israelis and Palestinians will treat the other with mutual empathy and respect, we will get closer to the peace that we all seek, he said. Read More >

JTA: June 7, 2018
"Kenneth Marcus narrowly wins Senate approval for top civil rights post," APN's Debra Shushan quoted in a story about Kenneth Marcus winning Senate approval.

New York Jewish Week: June 6, 2018
"Defining Anti-Semitism Tests Issues Of Speech, Bias," APN opposes Antisemitism Awareness Act.

Peace Now in the News: June 3-8, 2018

Haaretz: June 3, 2018
"Israel's Top Court Hears Petitions Against West Bank Land-grab Law," Israel's High Court hears petitions against settlement legalization law brought by Peace Now and other organizations.

i24 News: June 3, 2018
"Israel’s High Court hears petitions against settlement legalization law," Israel's High Court hears petitions against settlement legalization law brought by Peace Now and other organizations.

Jerusalem Post: June 3, 2018
"Defense Ministry official: Illegal EU housing for Palestinians has mostly stopped," Peace Now's Hagit Ofran confirms a drop in EU construction of unauthorized housing units for Palestinians in WB's Area C.

Times of Israel: June 3, 2018
"State: There’s no alternative to outpost legalization law, warts and all," High Court of Justice hears State's position in a petition submitted by Peace Now and others regarding legalizing illegal outposts.


APN in the News: May 26 - June 1, 2018

APN Associate Director of Communications Aaron Mann in The Forward: May 31, 2018
"Roseanne Came For Me About Israel. She Was Racist Then, Too"

For much of this week, the actress and rabid Israel-supporter Roseanne Barr has dominated headlines. After making a hugely successful comeback this year with the return of her show “Roseanne” after a decades-long hiatus, ABC canceled the show and fired Barr after she posted a racist tweet comparing former Barack Obama aide Valerie Jarrett to a monkey. Read More >

Peace Now in the News: May 26 - June 2, 2018

Al-Jazeera: May 31, 2018
"Israel approves more than 2,000 settlement units in West Bank," Peace Now: 14,454 settlement units in the West Bank have been approved since US President Donald Trump took office.

Times of Israel: May 30, 2018
"Israel green-lights 2,000 settlement homes; half are outside blocs," Peace Now considers new uncontiguous settlement "neighborhoods" as new settlements.

Haaretz: May 30, 2018
"Israel to build 92 new settlement homes near Bedouin village slated for demolition," Peace Now's Hagit Ofran blasts plan to approve building homes in a settlement adjacent to Khan al-Ahmar.

Florida Jewish Journal (JNS story): May 30, 2018
"Report monitors uptick in population throughout Judea, Samaria," Peace Now: despite increase in settlement population, two-state agreement is still possible.

Wafa: May 30, 2018
"Israel approves 2070 new illegal settler units in occupied West Bank," Peace Now: since President Trump took office some 14,454 units in West Bank settlements have been approved.

Peace Now in the News: May 19 - 25, 2018

Maan News: May 25, 2018
"Israeli defense minister to approve thousands of new illegal settlement units," Peace Now criticizes Israeli government statement regarding plans to construct more homes in West Bank.

Times of Israel: May 24, 2018
"Defense Minister: 3,900 settlement homes to be green-lit next week," Peace Now slams Israeli government's plans to approve more construction in settlements.

Peace Now in the News: April 21 - May 18, 2018

Times of Israel: May 13, 2018
"Israeli protesters rally against US embassy move to Jerusalem," Peace Now, with other groups, organizes pro-peace march in Jerusalem.

Haaretz: May 11, 2018
"All you need to know about Israel’s roller-coaster week," Peace Now plans protest outside site of new US embassy in Jerusalem.

Haaretz: May 11, 2018
"Jerusalem Police Prohibit 'Inciting' Peace Now Sign Outside U.S. Embassy Opening," Peace Now first banned then allowed to hang a sign protesting the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Post: May 4, 2018
"Israel to roll out plan to legalize all West Bank outposts," Peace Now opposes Israeli government plan to "legalize" West Bank illegal outposts.

Israel National News: April 23, 2018
"Leftists support Natalie Portman," Peace Now, in a virtual campaign, backs Portman.

Jerusalem Post: April 22, 2018
"Israeli Minister: Natalie Portman's decision borders on antisemitism," Peace Now defends Portman with a digital campaign: I'm with her.

APN in the News: April 21 - May 18, 2018

APN Director of Policy and Government Relations Debra Shushan in Haaretz: May 16, 2018
"The Day Donald Trump Was Crowned King in Jerusalem"

For Jews around the world, the opening of the U.S. embassy to Israel in Jerusalem should have been an occasion for jubilation and pride. And while for some it was, many of the rest of us watched the ceremony feeling a combination of nausea and cognitive dissonance. There were at least three reasons to feel ill. Read More >

Haaretz: May 16, 2018
"How Trump went from rebuffing top Jewish Republicans on U.S. embassy move to ‘King of Israel’", News analysis generously quotes op-ed by APN's Debra Shushan.

New Jersey Jewish News: May 16, 2018
"Experts wonder if move precludes possibility of deal," APN's Ori Nir quoted in article about the feasibility and desirability of a White House Israeli-Palestinian peace plan.

Jerusalem Post: May 15, 2018
"U.S. Jewish groups laud Trump's 'courageous' embassy move," News story on embassy inauguration generously quotes APN press release.

Jerusalem Post: May 15, 2018
"U.S. Jewish groups laud Trump's 'courageous' embassy move," News story on embassy inauguration generously quotes APN press release.

APN Director of Policy and Government Relations Debra Shushan and APN Board Member Peter Weiss in the New York Jewish Week: May 14, 2018
"Israeli Annexation Of West Bank Would Violate International Law"

The Israeli government is on a reckless mission to extend permanently its control over the West Bank by annexing by force all or parts of the occupied territory. Developments over the past year, facilitated by the permissive attitude of the Trump Administration, are particularly alarming. Read More >

APN Board Member Kathleen Peratis in the Forward: May 11, 2018
"My Zionism Is Fading, One Expulsion At A Time"

I feel like I am standing on a melting ice floe. For decades, I have loved Israel. I want it to thrive as a shining, rights-abiding country. And yet, increasingly, I find I can envision a day when I (or maybe my children) will not want to go there anymore. My Jewish life, which began 25 years ago when I was nearly 50, was always built around that vision of Israel and my deep conviction that it could be the reality. Read More >

Cleveland Jewish News (JTA story): May 2, 2018
"Mahmoud Abbas’ remarks on the Holocaust explain why two-state solution is dying," APN among Jewish organizations criticizing Abbas for anti-Semitic comments.

Times of Israel: May 2, 2018
"German Palestinian group slams Abbas Holocaust speech," APN among Jewish groups condemning Palestinian President Abbas for anti-Semitic comments.

Algemeiner: May 2, 2018
"US Jewish Groups From Across Political Spectrum Blast Palestinian Leader Abbas Over Antisemitism," APN among groups condemning Abbas for anti-Semitic comments.

Haaretz: May 1, 2018
"U.S. Officials and Jewish Groups Denounce Abbas' Speech, Accusing Him of anti-Semitism,"APN denounces Abbas' antisemitic statements; Tweets in English, Hebrew and Arabic.

Jerusalem Post: May 1, 2018
"U.S. Jewish groups hail Israeli intel after Iran nuke revelations," APN's statement on Netanyahu's speech re: Iran nukes quoted.

JTA: April 26, 2018
"A pro-Israel leader mocked Natalie Portman as beautiful but not ‘too bright.’ Twitter wasn’t amused." APN's Debra Shushan quoted in story on Mort Klein's scandalous comment re: Portman.

JTA: April 24, 2018
"Does Natalie Portman’s snub of Netanyahu make her the face of liberal Zionism?," APN's Debra Shushan and APN Board Member Mik Moore are quoted in a story on the Natalie Portman controversy.

Peace Now in the News: March 31 - April 20, 2018

Haaretz: April 9, 2018
"Palestinian families evicted from their East Jerusalem homes amid dispute with Elad," Peace Now's Hagit Ofran quoted in a story about more evictions of Palestinian families from Silwan, East Jerusalem.

New York Times: April 2, 2018
"Israel Courts Catastrophe in Gaza Protests," NYT editorial quotes Peace Now statement regarding Gaza events.


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