Recording - Relaunching the Peace Process?

Relaunching the Peace Process?

with Yossi Beilin and Daniel Kurtzer

Foregoing ambitions for a Nobel Peace Prize, the Biden administration has made clear that it does not intend to re-launch the long dormant Israeli-Palestinian peace process. But two veterans of efforts to attain an Israeli-Palestinian peace settlement, an Israeli and an American, believe that by giving up on brokering Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, the Biden administration is missing a historic opportunity. “The idea of ‘managing the conflict’,” they write, “is yesterday’s news.”

On APN’s July 29th webinar, former US senior diplomat Dan Kurtzer and former Israeli cabinet minister Yossi Beilin explored the need, the viability, and the prospects for success of a re-launched US-brokered Israeli-Palestinian peace process.



Yossi Beilin was one of the architects of the Oslo process in the early 1990s, a chief figure in the backchannel talks that led to the Oslo Accords, led the Israeli side of the Geneva Initiative, and was a longtime leader of Israel’s peace camp. He held several ministerial positions in the Israeli cabinet, including Justice, Economics and Planning, and Religious Affairs, and served as the head of the Meretz Party. He has a Ph.D. from Tel Aviv University. Beilin published numerous books and articles on the peace process. He is now the president of the business consulting firm Beilink.

Daniel C. Kurtzer is the former US ambassador to Israel and Egypt and former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs and as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Research at the Department of State. He spent much of his 29-year career in the U.S. Foreign Service helping navigate the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and has authored several books and numerous articles about the topic. He holds a Ph.D. in political science from Columbia University.