Recording: New Israeli Restrictions on Foreign Nationals in the West Bank Featuring Jessica Montell

Far from the limelight, the government of Israel has recently introduced a new set of regulations governing foreign nationals’ entry to and residence in the West Bank. This new ordinance, scheduled for implementation on July 5th, further expands the already stringent travel and residence regulations for foreign nationals.
The repercussions for US citizens are immense. Palestinian-Americans and others who travel to the West Bank have raised this issue with the Biden administration, expressing grave concerns, and administration officials have raised concerns over this matter with Israel’s government. These new regulations, adopted by Israel’s Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), will impact diaspora Palestinians traveling to the West Bank, academic scholars, students, civil society volunteers, journalists, and any foreign national who intends to reside in the West Bank (except, of course, those heading to Jewish settlements).

To discuss this matter, APN  hosted Jessica Montell, the executive director of Hamoked – The Center for the Defense of the Individual. 

The webinar was  held on Wednesday, June 15th at 12:00/noon Eastern Time.