Recording: Putting the Green Line on the Map with Tel Aviv Deputy Mayor Chen Arieli

Most Israelis do not know the contours of the Green Line that separates sovereign Israel from the West Bank. Israeli schoolchildren, if they look at the maps hanging on their classroom walls, don’t even know that the Green Line exists, because it’s not on the map. The Tel Aviv municipality decided to print and distribute to its schools maps that delineate the Green Line and show where Israel ends and the occupied West Bank starts – as well as the contours of Israel’s other borders.

Tel Aviv’s Deputy Mayor Chen Arieli, who boldly advanced this controversial initiative despite vociferous opposition, joined us for an APN webinar on September 8, 2022.

Chen Arieli is an independent politician and a leading activist, who champions LGBT rights and organizes Israeli and Palestinian women to fight for women’s rights.

Watch the recording HERE.

Read the transcript HERE.