Recording- Four Months into Israel's Protest Movement with Dr. Shikma Bressler

Israel’s pro-democracy movement has entered its fifth month with more energy and dedication and better organization, discipline and creativity than anyone could have expected. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis are still participating in the protest, showing up for demonstrations week after week in more than 150 sites throughout Israel. Dozens of grassroots organizations are involved. Thousands of activists have networked to organize. Their leaders are not professional politicians but rather volunteers who run a mammoth operation in addition to working full time and raising families.

One such leader is Shikma Bressler, an award-winning physicist at the Weitzman Institute, and the founder of the Black Flags protest movement. In addition to being a leading scientist and a protest leader, she is the mother of five girls.

On this APN webinar, Bressler discusses her work as a protest leader and review the challenges and accomplishments of the movement in its first four months.

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