Legislative Round-Up- January 23, 2023

Produced by the Foundation for Middle East Peace in cooperation with Americans for Peace Now, where the Legislative Round-Up was conceived.

1.Bills, Resolutions & Letters
2. Media & Reports
3. Members on the Record (Palestine/Palestinians)
4. Members on the Record (Israel)
5. Members on the Record (Iran)
6. Members on the Record (Turkey)
7. Members on the Record (other Mideast countries)

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NOTE: Apologies for the late Round-Up – the author was traveling last Friday…

1. Bills, Resolutions & letters

(TARGETING THE UN/COI) HR 211: Introduced 1/9/23 by Steube (R-FL) and having 10 cosponsors (all Republicans). In the 1/13/23 edition of the Round-Up I listed this then untitled/no-text as “Bill to keep an eye on watch – text not yet available, but title suggests may be Israel/Middle East-related.” That alert proved on-point (following the identical PR path this bill followed in 2022): the now-public bill is this year’s version of the COI Elimination Act, to “seek the abolition of the United Nations Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and Israel.  Referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.” Steube introduced the same bill in 2022 (HR 7223, cosponsored by 101 Republicans and 18 Democrats). Also see: Steube’s 2022 press release; Jewish Insider passing mention of the new bill, with link to JI article covering the 2022 effort.


2. Media & Reports

Members of Congress on Israel & Palestine

Jewish Insider 1/23/23: Torres reaffirms support for Jerusalem embassy after Tlaib, McCollum tweets

The New Arab 1/18/23: Rashida Tlaib voices concern over plans for US embassy in Jerusalem on Palestinian land

The Forward 1/18/23: GOP freshman Lawler promises to boost Israel from seat on key House committee

Electronic Intifada 1/16/23: New Democrats in Congress are enemies of Palestine cause

Jewish Democratic Council of American (JDCA) 1/13/22: Meet the Freshmen Jewish Dems [“Today, we’re kicking off the series with the four Jewish “freshmen,” or newly-elected Democrats in the 118th Congress: Reps. Dan Goldman (NY-10), Jared Moskowitz (FL-23), Becca Balint (VT-AL), and Greg Landsman (OH-01). We look forward to working with them and other Democrats to advance our shared values including defending democracy, pursuing justice, combating antisemitism and extremism, protecting abortion access, and supporting the U.S.-Israel relationship.]

Middle East Monitor 1/14/23: Rashida Tlaib calls for halting US financial aid to Israel

Congress & New Israeli Govt

Haaretz 1/23/23: Top pro-Israel Democrat Warns Netanyahu Government ‘Mistakes’ Could Erode U.S. Support

Breitbart 1/17/23: Democrats Boycott Parts of Newly-elected Israeli Government

Haaretz 1/17/23: Pro-Israel Democratic Senator Reportedly Asks Not to Meet With Far-right Parties During Israel Visit

Times of Israel 1/17/23: Delegation of visiting US senators asks not to meet with Smotrich and Ben Gvir

Axios 1/17/23: Scoop: Rosen tells Israel she doesn’t want to meet with members of 2 far-right parties

Turkey Weapons Sale

Jewish Insider 1/19/23: White House, Congress standoff over F-16 sale to Turkey returns to the fore

Israel Defense 1/15/23: US government willing to sell Turkey F-16 fighter jets – congress opposes

Jewish Insider 1/13/23: Third time’s the charm for Michigan’s John James [“...The first-term Republican cast himself as a strong supporter of Israel and said he would stand with the country while in Congress. ‘There must be no public space between the United States of America and Israel.’ he told JI. ‘We need to make sure that Israel maintains its economic and military dominance in the region. That is without question.’ James said he would “support any and all efforts to build on the success of the Abraham Accords” as well as the Israel Relations Normalization Act, which seeks to bolster the agreements that normalized diplomatic relations between Israel and a number of Arab nations. He also expressed opposition to pursuing nuclear negotiations with Iran…”]

Jerusalem Post 1/12/23: Republicans versus Democrats: Who loves Israel more? [“YOU CAN expect a spate of Republican initiatives – legislation, resolutions, amendments, letters, petitions ad nauseam – attempting to drive a wedge between Democrats and Jewish voters over support for Israel, even as they try to enact a domestic agenda anathema to a vast majority of American Jewry.”]

Candidates & Israel

Jewish Insider 1/20/23: Matt Dolan’s second shot at the Senate [“While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has drawn criticism for including controversial far-right figures in his new governing coalition, Dolan was, for his part, diplomatic in addressing the political dynamic in the Knesset. ‘I think this should go beyond party politics and recognize that Israel is our staunch ally, our friend, is a bastion of democracy and freedom, and simply wants to exist,’ he argued. ‘Every nation has their own internal political struggles. Is someone going too far? Is someone not going far enough? That clearly exists here in the United States. But in foreign relations, we need to rise above that and have the common goal of the common good, and that is, we need to protect Israel,’ he concluded. ‘That is, we want a Middle East that’s growing economically. We want peace and economics to drive it, and anything else is not acceptable.’”]

JTA 1/19/23: Meet the real Jewish Republican of color being floated to replace George Santos, the fake one [“Pilip, 43, said in her interview with JTA that her involvement in politics was almost inevitable, after she had migrated to Israel on Operation Solomon, the 1991 airlift, when she was 12. ‘I have always been very active, even as a child in Israel,’ advocating for the opportunities she saw that Israelis just a few years older than her were enjoying. Over her father’s objections, she enlisted in the paratroop division of the Israel Defense Forces (she says he is now proud of her service)…She met her husband, an American medical student at the Technion, while she was at the University of Haifa. They moved to the United States, where she became active speaking about Israel for Jewish federations and other Jewish groups. Her Instagram handle couples the U.S. and Israeli flags.”]

3. Members on the Record (Palestine/Palestinians)

Palestinian Rights

Omar (D-MN-5) 01/19/2023: Retweet of @OmarSShakir – “Breaking: @Harvard reverses course—@Kennedy_School dean acknowledges “error” in vetoing @KenRoth appointment, says Ken will be reoffered fellowship & hopes Harvard “will be able to benefit from his deep experience.” Vital step to combat the Palestine exception to academic freedom Link to image   Link to quoted tweet

McCollum (D-MN-4) 01/17/2023: Tweet – ““The Biden administration should reject building on seized land, showing that the United States won’t tolerate, let alone be complicit in, the theft of any more Palestinian property… Failure to do so will only embolden Mr. Netanyahu’s dangerously extremist new government.” Link to quoted tweet

Tlaib (D-MI-12) 01/17/2023: Twitter thread – “I’m outraged that the @StateDept is moving forward with plans to build the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem on land stolen from Palestinians. By doing so, the U.S. is complicit in the illegal confiscation of Palestinian property. @POTUS should reverse this Trump era policy immediately. Opinion | Will the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem Be Built on Confiscated Palestinian Land?

Tlaib (D-MI-12) 01/13/2023: Tweet – “2022 was one of the deadliest for Palestinians in memory. Now, Netanyahu’s new far-right government, led by racist extremist Ben-Gvir, has already murdered 7 Palestinians including 3 children. We can’t keep sending billions each year to an apartheid state violating human rights. Link to video

Targeting Activism for Palestinian Rights

Sherman (D-CA-32) 01/18/2023: Tweet – “.@jgreenblattadl is right – actions like this are a thinly veiled attempt to push Jewish students out of campus life. This also serves as a stark example of why it’s so important to utilize the IHRA definition of #antisemitism when investigating acts of bigotry like this one. Link to quoted tweet

Moskowitz (D-FL-23) 01/14/2023: Tweet – “Using Hitlers word “solution” is intentional here. Israel has a right to exist. We will never compromise that. The Jewish people have a right to exist. We will ensure. Link to quoted tweet

US Embassy in Jerusalem

Torres (D-NY-15) 01/20/2023: Twitter thread – “I support the @StateDept as it proceeds to build an embassy where it belongs, in a country’s capital. Israel should be no exception. Siting an embassy in Jerusalem means complying with a decades-old law whose implementation is long overdue: the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995. The sitting of an embassy in Jerusalem in no way forecloses the possibility of a two state solution, which remains the best path forward for both Israelis and Palestinians.

Bacon (R-NE-2) 01/18/2023: Twitter thread – “I disagree. The U.S. Embassy in Israel should be in Jerusalem. This is the Capital of Israel with its beginnings going back to King David. Link to quoted tweet   Link to reply @Baseball77Dad5 Most of our citizens support Israel. Link to reply @MarnelvaMoo The Old and New Testaments say otherwise. Link to reply @RanchMontgomery I do believe in the Bible. Link to reply @Baseball77Dad5 On the redistricting, we went from a 37% GOP-36% Dem district to a 37% GOP-36% Dem district. Through hard work last year we signed up enough Republicans to get to 38% GOP.

Van Orden (R-WI-3) 01/19/2023: Tweet – “Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel. Link to quoted tweet

Focusing on Hamas

Gottheimer (D-NJ) 1/17/23: RELEASE: Gottheimer, Mast Reintroduce Bipartisan Legislation to Sanction Financial Supporters of Foreign Terror Organization Hamas

Mast (R-FL-21) 01/13/2023: Tweet – “The United States cannot reward any person, group or government who supports radical Islamic terrorists that want to destroy Israel and the values we hold dear. That’s why @RepJoshG and I introduced the Hamas International Financing Prevention Act. Bipartisan Bill Introduced to Sanction Hamas Backers… | mast.house.gov


4. Members on the Record (Israel)


Rosen (D-NV) 01/20/2023: Tweet – “During our meeting with PM Netanyahu, we discussed our steadfast and unwavering support for the U.S.-Israel relationship, the historic Abraham Accords, and the threat from Iran. I was pleased to hear his commitment to maintain the status quo at the Temple Mount. Link to image

Ernst (R-IA) 1/19/23: press release – Ernst, Abraham Accords Caucus Push State Department to Facilitate Interfaith Dialogues in Middle East [letter covered in last week’s Round-Up]


Gillibrand (D-NY) 01/18/2023: Retweet of @AJCGlobal – “AJC met with U.S. Senators in Abu Dhabi during the first visit of the bipartisan Abraham Accords Caucus to. As Arab-Israeli normalization brings more opportunities for cooperation, American support for regional integration remains crucial to our work in the Arab world. Link to image

Gillibrand (D-NY) 01/18/2023: Tweet – “As our bipartisan delegation trip to the Abraham Accords member countries arrived in Israel, we visited @yadvashem. We must never forget the millions of Jews killed during the Holocaust, and we must do everything we can to fight the rising tide of antisemitism and violence. Link to image

Kelly (D-AZ) 01/18/2023: Tweet – “In Morocco earlier this week, my colleagues and I met with the Foreign Minister and other leaders to discuss how we can continue working together to expand on the Abraham Accords, tackle mutual security challenges, and strengthen our centuries-long partnership. Link to image

Lankford (R-OK) 01/18/2023: Retweet of @AIPAC – “Thank you @SenJackyRosen @SenatorLankford @SenMarkKelly @SenGillibrand @SenatorBennet @SenTedBuddNC @SenDanSullivan for your bipartisan leadership in support of a strong US-Israel relationship and your trip to the region to strengthen the Abraham Accords. @USAmbIsrael Link to quoted tweet

Lankford (R-OK) 01/19/2023: Tweet – “The Abraham Accords demonstrate that peace in the Middle East is possible.

Rosen (D-NV) 01/18/2023: Tweet – “While in the UAE, we met with President @MohamedBinZayed and other UAE government leaders to discuss our commitment to the UAE’s security and thanked them for their leadership on the #AbrahamAccords.

Rosen (D-NV) 01/19/2023: Tweet – “Our delegation visited Al Dhafra Air Base in the UAE to hear from Emirati partners & @USAFCENT’s 380th Air Expeditionary Wing, including Nevada servicemembers, about how the Abraham Accords are contributing to enhanced regional security. Link to image

Bennet (D-CO) 01/17/2023: Twitter thread – “This week, I’m joining a bipartisan Congressional Delegation to Israel, the UAE, Bahrain, and Morocco to see how the Abraham Accords have strengthened regional security, economic, and cultural cooperation and integration. Link to image We visited NAVCENT HQ in Bahrain and met with @US5thFleet Vice Admiral Cooper to discuss regional maritime security. I also had the opportunity to meet with Coloradan servicemembers. They continue to make Colorado proud, and I am grateful for their service to our country. Link to image

Gillibrand (D-NY) 01/17/2023: Tweet – “While in Abu Dhabi for our bipartisan delegation trip to the Abraham Accords member countries, we met with @AJCGlobal to discuss opportunities to increase cooperation and strengthen relationships in the region. Thank you for all your work! Link to image

Lankford (R-OK) 01/17/2023: Retweet of @AIPAC – “The deepening partnership between Israel and Arab states is bringing peace, security, and prosperity to millions. Thank you @SenatorLankford and @SenJackyRosen for leading this bipartisan trip to strengthen the Abraham Accords. Link to quoted tweet

Lankford (R-OK) 01/18/2023: Retweet of @IsraeliPM – “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met today with a bi-partisan US Senate delegation from the Abraham Accords Lobby, led by Senator Jacky Rosen and Senator James Lankford. PM Netanyahu Meets with Bi-partisan US Senate Delegation from the Abraham Accords Caucus | Prime Minister’s Office   Link to image

Rosen (D-NV) 01/17/2023: Tweet – “I’ve been leading a bipartisan Congressional Delegation to Abraham Accords member countries, and we stopped in Abu Dhabi to discuss regional integration and cooperation between the U.S., Israel, and our Arab partners. Link to video

Rosen (D-NV) 01/18/2023: Tweet – “Thank you to our Emirati hosts for bringing together partners from Israel and Morocco to celebrate the Abraham Accords, which have allowed for unprecedented cooperation in energy and water security, cybersecurity, defense, trade, and much more. Link to image

Gillibrand (D-NY) 01/16/2023: Tweet – “Our next stop on our bipartisan delegation trip to the Abraham Accords member countries brought us to Bahrain, where we spent multiple productive days meeting with senior government officials and members of the National Assembly and visited a synagogue in Manama. Link to image

Gillibrand (D-NY) 01/16/2023: Retweet of @JasonKoppel – “Thank you @gillibrandny for strengthening the Abraham Accords – an agreement that has ushered in a new era of peace and prosperity. Wishing you and your Senate colleagues a productive mission. Link to quoted tweet

Rosen (D-NV) 01/16/2023: Twitter thread – “Thank you to Vice Admiral Cooper for hosting us at NAVCENT HQ in Bahrain, home of the @US5thFleet. Their innovative work is critical to growing our partnerships in the Middle East and realizing the full potential of the Abraham Accords through stronger regional maritime security. Link to image We also had an opportunity to meet with Nevada servicemembers working at NAVCENT to learn more about their efforts in the region and thank them for their service to our country. Link to image

Rosen (D-NV) 01/17/2023: Tweet – “Thank you to King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa for his strong commitment to the Abraham Accords, his vision for peaceful coexistence & cooperation in the region, & the opportunity to visit his beautiful country, Bahrain. Link to image

Ernst (R-IA) 01/13/2023: Tweet – “Interfaith dialogues are an important tool for expanding people-to-people connections in the Middle East that support economic prosperity and regional security built on mutual respect and understanding. #AbrahamAccords Link to image

Ernst (R-IA) 01/13/2023: Tweet – “I look forward to continuing to work with my fellow #AbrahamAccords Caucus co-chairs to advance religious freedom and understanding in the region to support the historic #AbrahamAccords. Link to quoted tweet

Ernst (R-IA) 01/13/2023: Retweet of @AJCongress – “We applaud the bipartisan #AbrahamAccords Caucus in Congress for its leadership in promoting interfaith dialogue and religious freedom in the #MiddleEast. The U.S. should continue prioritizing efforts to bring the people of the region together. Link to quoted tweet

Gillibrand (D-NY) 01/14/2023: Tweet – “I’m proud to join @SenJackyRosen and @SenatorLankford for a bipartisan delegation trip to the Abraham Accords member countries, starting in Morocco. I look forward to meeting with senior officials to discuss how we can strengthen the relationships fostered by the Accords. Link to image

Lankford (R-OK) 01/14/2023: Tweet – “I will continue to seek peace by strengthening and expanding the Abraham Accords.

Rosen (D-NV) 01/14/2023: Tweet – “First stop: Morocco We held a productive meeting with Prime Minister Akhannouch to discuss Morocco’s leadership on the Abraham Accords and the importance of the US-Morocco relationship. Link to image


Gonzales (R-TX-23) 01/20/2023: Retweet of @AIPAC – “Thank you @RepTonyGonzales for your strong support for the alliance! Building bipartisan support for the U.S.-Israel relationship is an American value we are proud to champion and advance. Link to video

Gonzales (R-TX-23) 01/20/2023: Tweet – “Link to quoted tweet

Strickland (D-WA-10) 01/20/2023: Retweet of @AIPAC – “Thank you @RepStricklandWA for your strong support for the alliance! Building bipartisan support for the U.S.-Israel relationship is an American value we are proud to champion and advance. Link to video

McCaul (R-TX-10) 01/18/2023: Tweet – “CHM ⁦@RepMcCaul⁩: “Instead of legitimizing a terrorist org, UN staff should concentrate on holding Hezbollah accountable for its role in the death of a UN peacekeeper in December and undermining regional stability.” UN envoy thanks Hezbollah terror group, draws rebuke from Israeli officials: ‘Is this real?’… | news.yahoo.com

Hagerty (R-TN) 01/18/2023: Tweet – “Yet another grotesque display of anti-Israel animus from United Nations bureaucrats. Hizballah is an Iran-backed terrorist group responsible for killing hundreds of Israelis and Americans. Outrageous. UN envoy thanks Hezbollah terror group, draws rebuke from Israeli officials: ‘is this real?’… | foxnews.com

Lawler (R-NY-17) 01/17/2023: Tweet – “Excited to serve on @HouseForeignGOP with Chairman @RepMcCaul! We must stand up to Chinese and Russian aggression; support Ukraine and European Allies; strengthen our relationship with Israel; address challenges within the western hemisphere; and hold the Biden admin accountable.

LaLota (R-NY-1) 01/17/2023: Tweet – “Outstanding discussion tonight with some of Long Island’s best advocates for a strong US-Israel relationship. America’s support of Israel’s defense is not gratuitous. It’s in our best national security interests. @AIPAC #NY01 Link to image

Scott (R-FL) 01/18/2023: Tweet – “Alarming to see the United Nations thanking an evil terrorist organization like Hezbollah. The UN should spend less time cozying up to terrorists and more time standing against them. UN envoy thanks Hezbollah terror group, draws rebuke from Israeli officials: ‘is this real?’… | foxnews.com


5. Members on the Record (Iran)

Cardin (D-MD) 01/21/2023: Tweet – “The Iranian People exemplify bravery as they protest the Government of Iran, which unsurprisingly ranks as one of the worst human rights violators in the world. A 15-minute defense for an illegitimate death-sentence is outlandish and cruel. Iran protests: 15 minutes to defend yourself against the death penalty… | bbc.com

Green (R-TN-7) 01/20/2023: Twitter thread – “42 years ago, the Iranian Hostage Crisis came to an end and all 66 Americans were finally home. It’s not a wonder that they were freed only minutes after President Reagan was inaugurated. /1 It’s a firm reminder that when the United States has weak leadership, our adversaries are emboldened. /2

Meng (D-NY-6) 01/20/2023: Tweet – “FFS why doesn’t the GOP just rewrite the Chinese Exclusion Act. TY @GeneforTexas @BenChouTX for speaking up against this racist bill. God help our constituents who are awaiting their American citizenship and who wouldn’t be able to buy a home. Link to quoted tweet

Murphy (D-CT) 01/20/2023: Tweet – “I met today with Connecticut Iranian-American leaders about how the United States can continue to stand for the right of the Iranian people to protest without fear of reprisal. Link to image

Bacon (R-NE-2) 01/18/2023: Tweet – “Iran’s IRGC is a terrorist organization. It has planned and executed terrorist attacks all over the world. Link to quoted tweet

Menendez (D-NJ) 01/18/2023: Tweet – “European countries should join us in labeling the IRGC what it is: a terror organization. The Revolutionary Guards are responsible for bombings, missile attacks, arms trafficking, assassinations, & the proliferation of suicide drones around the world. Link to quoted tweet

Rosen (D-NV) 01/17/2023: Tweet – “One year ago today, an Iranian-backed terrorist attack killed three innocent civilians in the UAE. During our visit, we spoke with President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed & reaffirmed America’s continued commitment to the UAE’s safety & security.” Retweeted by Lankford (R-OK)

Cornyn (R-TX) 01/17/2023: Retweet of @JasonMBrodsky – “#BREAKING: European Commission President @vonderleyen said on Tuesday she backed listing #Iran’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as a terrorist organisation to respond to the “trampling” of fundamental human rights” in the country. #IRGCTerrorists DAVOS 2023: EU’s Von der Leyen backs listing Iran’s Guards as a terrorist group… | reuters.com

Himes (D-CT-4) 01/17/2023: Retweet of @203action – “Thank you Paris. #WomanLifeFreedom #IranianLivesMatter #Freeiran #noIRI #IRGCterrorists #NoMEK Photos from @moj Link to image

Menendez (D-NJ) 01/17/2023: Tweet – “Rather than encouraging creative talents of Iran’s youth to flourish, the Iranian regime robs people like #MehdiMohammadiFard of their freedom & sentences them to death. That’s why young Iranians are fed up with this govt that has done nothing but stifle them their entire lives. Link to quoted tweet

Houlahan (D-PA-6) 01/15/2023: Twitter thread – “I’m one of the Democrats who voted for this bill, but it doesn’t go far enough. So I introduced a bipartisan bill that would stop sales to not only China but also Russia, North Korea, Iran & other sanctioned nations. I look forward to using proper order to consider my bill. Link to quoted tweet More on my bipartisan bill, including original cosponsors (we have over 50 total cosponsors now). Press Releases | U.S. Representative Chrissy Houlahan

Tenney (R-NY-24) 01/14/2023: Tweet – “Iran’s execution of British-Iranian dual national Alireza Akbari is yet another act of barbarism from this brutal regime. Enough empty statements of condemnation from European capitals. The time is now for action – full sanctions, esp on the IRGC & all senior regime officials.

Cassidy (R-LA) 01/13/2023: Tweet – “The Iranian Regime is a criminal regime hanging its own people for exercising their basic human rights. We must stand with the Iranian people. #Iran

Huffman (D-CA-2) 01/13/2023: Tweet – “Republicans will not to be outdone by the Taliban and Iran’s Morality Police. Game on! Link to quoted tweet

Menendez (D-NJ) 01/13/2023: Retweet of @yashar – “I know so many Iranians who are so grateful for Senator Menendez’s consistent support of the Iranian people and their fight for freedom. If you go through the @SFRCdems twitter account (which he controls) you can see how much he calls out the regime! Link to quoted tweet

Menendez (D-NJ) 01/13/2023: Tweet – “The Iranian regime refused to let the family of #MohammadMehdiKarami say their goodbyes before taking him from them forever. Sending my deepest condolences to his family for their unimaginable loss. #StopExecutionsinIran Link to quoted tweet

Scott (R-FL) 01/13/2023: Tweet – “Biden’s appeasement policies AREN’T WORKING. Cuba EXPLOITS the U.S. by stoking instability across Latin America, supporting ruthless dictators like Maduro & Ortega & driving mass migration that benefits the regime & its evil allies in Communist China, Russia & Iran for decades.


6. Members on the Record (Turkey)


Cornyn (R-TX) 01/20/2023: Tweet – “If Turkey Blocks Sweden and Finland, Will NATO Boot Turkey? If Turkey Blocks Sweden and Finland, Will NATO Boot Turkey?… | bloomberg.com

Hern (R-OK-1) 01/21/2023: Tweet – “Turkey has a $500,000 bounty on @EnesFreedom’s head for speaking out against their authoritarian regime. Only silence from Biden. He MUST immediately take concrete action to hold Turkey accountable for putting a bounty on Enes Kanter. Enes Kanter Freedom issues daring declaration to Turkey over $500k bounty: It might cost me ‘everything’… | foxbusiness.com

Cicilline (D-RI-1) 01/20/2023: Tweet – “Under Erdogan’s leadership, Turkey continues to threaten Greece with missiles, hold up NATO membership for [Swedish flag] and [Finnish flag], put US troops at risk in Syria, and disregard human rights and democratic norms. This behavior should not be rewarded with new F-16s. Link to quoted tweet” Retweeted by Malliotakis (R-NY-11)

Blackburn (R-TN) 01/18/2023: Tweet – “Turkey placed a $500,000 bounty on @EnesFreedom’s head and named him on its most-wanted terrorist list for speaking out against the corrupt government. Why hasn’t the Biden administration spoken up about this?

Cornyn (R-TX) 01/19/2023: Tweet – “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is facing his most difficult race in 20 years in power. Right on cue, the autocratic leader is trying to hamstring the opposition. Opinion | Erdogan Targets a Political Rival in Turkey

Pallone (D-NJ-6) 01/18/2023: Tweet – “Selling F-16 fighter jets to Turkey will not incentivize Erdogan to suddenly transform into a good ally or halt the human rights abuses committed by his regime. I will take every action available to prevent the sale of F-16s to Turkey. My full statement Pallone Calls for Congressional Action Blocking the Sale of F-16 Fighter Jets to Turkey… | pallone.house.gov

Cornyn (R-TX) 01/18/2023: Tweet – “NATO’s Electoral Message for Erdoğan by @AmbJohnBolton Opinion | NATO’s Electoral Message for Erdoğan via @WSJopinion

Hern (R-OK-1) 01/18/2023: Twitter thread – “Turkey has a HALF-MILLION DOLLAR bounty on @EnesFreedom’s head. Why? Because this American patriot dared to stand for FREEDOM and speak out against Turkey’s authoritarian regime. He dared to be a strong voice for freedom in a region that badly needs it. President Biden has remained completely silent. Why won’t he take a stand for democracy? He must immediately take concrete action to hold Turkey accountable for putting a bounty on Enes Kanter.

Sarbanes (D-MD-3) 01/17/2023: Tweet – “I oppose the potential sale of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey. We should not reward, accommodate or seek to cajole the Erdogan regime, given its ongoing demonstration of contempt for international standards, human rights and the sovereignty of nations. Biden Administration Faces Resistance to Plan to Sell F-16s to Turkey… | nytimes.com

Hern (R-OK-1) 01/17/2023: Tweet – “Last week, Turkey put a $500,000 bounty on @EnesFreedom’s head for speaking out against their authoritarian regime. We’ve heard NOTHING from Biden–only SILENCE. I am calling on him to immediately take concrete action to hold Turkey accountable for putting a bounty on Enes Kanter.” Retweeted by Babin (R-TX-36), Malliotakis (R-NY-11), Malliotakis (R-NY-11)

Babin (R-TX-36) 01/14/2023: Tweet – “Placing a bounty on this freedom-loving American is reprehensible. Turkey joined NATO to combat totalitarian regimes – but that’s exactly what they’ve become under President Erdogan. Biden must immediately impose sanctions and protect Enes Kanter Freedom!Enes Kanter Freedom reveals Turkish government put $500K bounty on his head, may sue NBA… | foxnews.com

Hern (R-OK-1) 01/14/2023: Twitter thread – “Enes Kanter: American, Freedom-Fighter, Patriot Turkey has put a bounty of $500,000 on this hero’s head for speaking out against their totalitarian regime. Disgraceful. Last year, @RepublicanStudy hosted this hero. He is a strong voice for freedom in a region that badly needs it. I am calling on President Biden to immediately take concrete action to hold Turkey accountable for putting a bounty on Enes Kanter. Link to image

Malliotakis (R-NY-11) 01/15/2023: Retweet of @jarrodjmorris – “Turkey is no longer aligned with the US & @NATO. @RepMalliotakis gets it right. Congress must reject the sale of F-16s to Turkey. Link to quoted tweet

Titus (D-NV-1) 01/14/2023: Tweet – “Sweden has gone above and beyond Turkey’s requests, but Erdogan keeps moving the goalposts on NATO ascension. The U.S. must stand strong against selling Turkey F-16s. Biden Administration Faces Resistance to Plan to Sell F-16s to Turkey… | nytimes.com

Bilirakis (R-FL-12) 01/13/2023: Tweet – “Once again the Biden Administration tries to reward Turkey for its continued bad behavior. Rest assured, my colleagues and I in Congress will ensure no such sale ever comes to pass. Link to quoted tweet

Pallone (D-NJ-6) 01/14/2023: Twitter thread – “The Biden Administration should not even consider selling F-16 fighter jets to Turkey. Erdogan has shown that he cannot be trusted. He’s cozied up to Putin and other dictators, threatened to attack Greece, and committed numerous human rights abuses. Link to quoted tweet Now he’s threatening to block Finland and Sweden’s entry into NATO. Enough is enough. The U.S. should not trust him, and we certainly should not reward his harmful behavior. I will continue working with my colleagues to oppose the sale of military equipment to Turkey.

Malliotakis (R-NY-11) 01/14/2023: Tweet – “.@WSJ is reporting that Biden will formally ask Congress to approve the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey in exchange for Turkey signing off to a NATO expansion. This photo of Erdogan with Iran’s Raisi and Russia’s Putin is just one reason why Congress must reject such a sale. Link to image

Malliotakis (R-NY-11) 01/14/2023: Tweet – “Turkey repeatedly violated Greece’s airspace, threatens military incursions into Syria, disrupted our counter-ISIS operations & remains the only NATO member not to sanction Russia. Congress must reject sale & tell ⁦@POTUS there’ll be #NoJetsForTurkey WSJ News Exclusive | Biden Administration to Ask Congress to Approve F-16 Sale to Turkey” Retweeted by Malliotakis (R-NY-11)


7. Members on the Record (Other Mideast countries)


Swalwell (D-CA-14) 01/15/2023: Retweet of @atrupar – “WOW- Chuck Todd nails Ron Johnson: “Were you at all concerned [about] Jared Kushner’s loan from the Qatari government when he was working in the government negotiating many things in the Middle East. Are you not concerned about that?” (Johnson responds by accusing Todd of bias) Link to video


Omar (D-MN-5) 01/17/2023: Twitter thread – “Images like this, along with rhetoric from the likes of @laurenboebert constantly make the rounds in @GOP circles and regardless of how many death threats they generate will never get condemnation from @GOP leadership. Their opposition to me has always been about Islamophobia. Link to image   Link to reply @jacksonhinklle @laurenboebert @GOP Wtf are you talking about?

Omar (D-MN-5) 01/17/2023: Twitter thread – “Where in that tweet does it say I support any of the groups you just mentioned? You seem delusional and clearly desperate to create connections between me and terrorism which is repulsive and terrifying. Link to quoted tweet I know I shouldn’t engage people like him, but these kinds of allegations need some pushback. That’s all.

United Arab Emirates

Cruz (R-TX) 01/20/2023: Tweet – “.@BIZPACReview: ‘Americans are watching’: Ted Cruz warns UAE over US prisoner ‘rotting’ and about to die without intervention ‘Americans are watching’: Ted Cruz warns UAE over US prisoner ‘rotting’ and about to die without intervention… | bizpacreview.com

Cruz (R-TX) 01/21/2023: Tweet – “ICYMI: Ted Cruz warns UAE ‘Americans are watching’ as doctor says imprisoned US citizen has only weeks to live   Ted Cruz warns UAE ‘Americans are watching’ as doctor says imprisoned US citizen has only weeks to live… | foxnews.com

Merkley (D-OR) 01/20/2023: Tweet – “Greta Thunberg is right. It’s absurd and obscene to hold a climate conference in the UAE. World leaders are failing their responsibility to our health and planet, which is obvious given we are burning more fossil fuels now than at any time in the past. In Davos, a Skirmish Over the Role of Oil States at Climate Talks… | nytimes.com

Cruz (R-TX) 01/19/2023: Tweet – “Ted Cruz warns UAE ‘Americans are watching’ as doctor says imprisoned US citizen has only weeks to live… | foxnews.com   Link to image

Weber (R-TX-14) 01/19/2023: In reply to Tweet – “@SenTedCruz Senator: you are exactly correct. It is a shame that this has been occurring! Reuniting Zack Shahin to his family is not only the compassionate, humanitarian thing to do; but a huge gesture of goodwill from our Emirates friends & close ally. Send Zack Shahin home! @Zack-Home-ASAP

Cruz (R-TX) 01/19/2023: Retweet of @FoxNews – “‘AMERICANS ARE WATCHING’: Sen. Ted Cruz sends fiery message to UAE over imprisoned US citizen. Ted Cruz warns UAE ‘Americans are watching’ as doctor says imprisoned US citizen has only weeks to live… | fxn.ws   Link to image” Also here

Kelly (D-AZ) 01/17/2023: Tweet – “One year ago, three innocent civilians were killed in a terrorist attack against the United Arab Emirates. After a productive visit to the UAE this week, it’s clear to me that further strengthening our partnership is a priority. Statement from President Joe Biden on the Anniversary of Terrorist Attack on the United Arab Emirates | The White House


Lankford (R-OK) 01/18/2023: Retweet of @US5thFleet – “Today, a Congressional delegation of U.S. senators from Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New York, North Carolina and Oklahoma visited  military personnel in Bahrain and learned about U.S. 5th Fleet’s integration of unmanned systems and AI. Link to image


McCaul (R-TX-10) 01/18/2023: Tweet – “CHM @RepMcCaul “It’s been 8 yrs since the murder of Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman who uncovered that VP Kirchner concealed Hezbollah’s role in the 1994 AMIA Jewish Center bombing. Argentine authorities must conduct an independent investigation into his findings & death.”


Menendez (D-NJ) 01/19/2023: Tweet – “Glad to see @USNavy intercept these arms that, if delivered, would only hurt the Yemeni people & undermine the fragile ceasefire in Yemen. Iran’s repeated violations of @UN arms embargos demonstrate its flagrant disregard for international law at home & abroad. Link to quoted tweet

McCaul (R-TX-10) 01/18/2023: Twitter thread – “CHM @RepMcCaul: “The UN should investigate illicit shipments of Chinese & Russian weapons from Iran to the #Houthis in Yemen, in direct violation of the arms embargo under UNSCR 2216. U.S. Navy Intercepts More Than 2,000 Assault Rifles Shipped from Iran… | cusnc.navy.mil “Violators MUST be held accountable for their blatant disregard for UNSC resolutions & support for Houthis.”