Legislative Round-Up- May 26, 2023

Produced by the Foundation for Middle East Peace in cooperation with Americans for Peace Now, where the Legislative Round-Up was conceived.

1.Bills, Resolutions & Letters
2. Hearings
3. Media & Reports
4. Members on the Record (Palestine/Palestinians)
5. Members on the Record (Israel)
6. Members on the Record (Iran)
7. Members on the Record (other Mideast countries)

New from FMEP:

  • 5/25/23: New episode of FMEP’s Occupied Thoughts podcast, “Israel’s new anti-NGO legislation: An Effort to Eradicate Opponents of Illiberalism,” ft. FMEP President Lara Friedman in conversation with Francesca Albanese (UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian Territories occupied since 1967) and Jessica Montell (Executive Director of the Israeli human rights organization HaMoked and formerly executive director of the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem).


1. Bills, Resolutions & letters

(NO US $$ FOR COUNTRIES THAT REFUSE TO LINE UP WITH THE US AT THE UN) HR 3685: Introduced 5/25/23 by Davidson (R-OH) and two Republican cosponsors, “To prohibit United States assistance to foreign countries that oppose the position of the United States in the United Nations.” Referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.


  • This is exactly the threat that was made by then-President Trump in 2017 and then-Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley in 2018 in public temper tantrums over the international community’s failure to rally around Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital (in a move that tossed international law out the window).
  • This idea – of using U.S. aid as a weapon to force countries to support the US at the UN (generally in the context of Israel-related matters) – was also reflected in legislation in 2017, S. 169 (which died in committee). That bill demanded reporting to Congress on “the voting records of each member country on resolutions that condemn the Government of Israel” to be presented alongside a table laying out U.S. assistance to each country (clearly intended to lay the groundwork for linking voting to punitive cuts in US aid).
  • Notably, the fact that recipients of U.S. aid do not necessarily see such aid as obligating them to vote with the U.S. at the UN has for years been a source of great irritation to some political actors. For example: U.S. Foreign Aid Recipients and Voting at the United Nations (Heritage Foundation 4/6/10 – excerpt – “The U.S. should inform aid recipients that their support–or lack of support–for U.S. priorities in the U.N. and other international organizations will directly affect future decisions on allocating U.S. assistance.”]


(AS OF NOW, NO VISA WAIVER PROGRAM FOR ISRAEL) Van Hollen/Schatz et al letter to Blinken & Mayorkas: On 5/24/23 Sena. Van Hollen (D-MD) and Schatz (D-HI) led a letter, co-signed by 14 other Senate Democrats, to SecState Blinken and Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas, regarding ongoing Biden Administration efforts to bring Israel into the Visa Waiver program. The letter notes: “…We appreciate the Administration’s stated position that, in order to be eligible for the Visa Waiver Program, Israel must meet the requirements of reciprocity and equal treatment for all U.S. citizen travelers to Israel and/or the West Bank. To date, however, we have seen no statements from the Government of Israel regarding actions or intentions to change current practices and policies that negatively impact U.S. citizens on the basis of their religion, national origin, or ethnicity, especially in the case of Palestinian-Americans or Arab Americans. Every country, of course, has the right to establish its own rules for the entry of foreigners. However, if a country wants the privilege of participating in our Visa Waiver Program, it does not have the right to discriminate against U.S. citizens. While we would like to see Israel meet the program requirements for entry into the VWP before the September 30th deadline, it does not appear to be on a path to do so.”

Also see:

(PAYPAL – PROVIDE SERVICES TO PALESTINIANS!) Pocan et al letter to PayPal: On 5/24/23, various media outlets report that Rep. Pocan (D-WI) led a letter (or possibly is circulating a letter – reports are contradictory on whether it has already been sent), cosigned by 10 fellow House Democrats, to PayPal CEO Dan Schulman. The letter reportedly stated: “We have significant concerns that, because PayPal does provide services to Israeli citizens in illegal settlements across the West Bank, but does not provide services to Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza, PayPal’s current operating status may be infringing upon the rights of Palestinians…Additionally, PayPal’s decision to exclude Palestinians from its services may only exacerbate economic hardship, and therefore political instability, in the West Bank and Gaza.” Reportedly the letter also states: “As one of the world’s most recognized payment platforms, PayPal has a responsibility to ensure its services and operations are provided in a non-discriminatory manner.Reportedly the letter was written “in collaboration with 7amleh, also known as The Arab Centre for the Advancement of Social Media” and it is timed to coincide with a shareholders’ resolution on the same issue.

Also see:

  • Pocan (D-WI-2) 05/24/2023: Tweet – “Access to online platforms should be enjoyed without discrimination. Denying financial services to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza infringes upon Palestinians’ ability to engage in online commerce, limiting opportunities for economic growth and empowerment. Link to quoted tweet
  • The letter was reportedly cosigned by Omar (D-MN), Tlaib (D-MI), McCollum (D-MN), Jayapal (D-WA), Casar (D-TX), Blumenauer (D-OR), Bowman (D-NY), McGovern (D-MA), Jacobs (D-CA), and Bush (D-MO)
  • As a reminder, in 2021 Pocan wrote a letter on the same topic to Venmo, cc’d to PayPal – see Pocan tweet 6/8/21: “Today, I sent a letter to @Venmo asking about reports that their platform is blocking Palestinian-related transactions—including recent humanitarian fundraising efforts. I would like to know why a large corporation like @Paypal is possibly discriminating against Palestinians?”

(CONCERNS ABOUT ISRAELI JUDICIAL “REFORMS”) Eshoo-Raskin et al Open Letter to Israeli protesters: On 5/24/23, Reps. Eshoo (D-CA) and Raskin (D-MD) led an open letter, cosigned by 46 fellow House Democrats, addressed to “Protesters Defending Israeli Democracy.” The letter states, among other things, “As Israel celebrates the 75th anniversary of its founding, we proudly stand with you, the Israeli non-violent, pro-democracy movement, as you fight to preserve Israel’s democratic character and ensure that the rule of law prevails. While we confront challenges to our democracy at home, we admire the fortitude you have shown in facing down efforts to erode Israeli democracy. We share your belief that a strong, vibrant democracy with an independent judiciary is essential to Israel’s future success and the success of the U.S.-Israel relationship. We also share your hope that the Netanyahu government will listen to the concerns of its citizens, the military, and the international community, and abandon this dangerous legislation.

Also see:

(OIL EXEC SHOULD NOT LEAD CLIMATE CONFERENCE!) Joint Congress/European Parliament letter to world leaders: On 5/23/23, Sen. Whitehouse (D-RI) led a letter – co-signed by 27 House members and 6 fellow senators, along with 99 members of the European Parliament – addressed to US President Joe Biden, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, UN Secretary General António Guterres, and Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention Simon Stiell. The letters states: …we urge you to advocate for the United Arab Emirates to withdraw the appointment of Sultan Al Jaber, head of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, as President-designate of COP-28. The decision to name as president of COP28 the chief executive of one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies—a company that has recently announced plans to add 7.6 billion barrels of oil to its production in the coming years, representing the fifth largest increase in the world—risks undermining the negotiations. With commonsense reforms to help restore public faith in the COP process severely jeopardized by having an oil company executive at the helm, we respectfully submit that different leadership is necessary to help ensure that COP28 is a serious and productive climate summit. Second, as some of us have already urged, we request that you institute new policies for corporate participation at COPs and UNFCCC processes more broadly…These reforms would bring much-needed transparency to corporate climate-related political influencing activities around the world, and would help restore public faith that the COP process is not being abused by companies as an opportunity to greenwash.

Also see:

(CONCERN ABOUT EXPIRING IRAN SANCTIONS) Mills et al letter to SecState Blinken and US/UN Amb Thomas-Greenfield: On 5/19/23, Rep. Mills (R-FL) and McCaul (R-TX) led a letter, reportedly co-signed by 18 House colleagues, to SecState Blinken and US ambassador to the UN Thomas-Greenfield, communicating their “concern regarding the pending [sic] expiration of several UN sanctions against Iran and to request your response on the United States’ strategy — with all applicable rules and regulations — to prevent this expiration.” Notably, 50% of Mills’ short press release announcing the letter consists of a quote from the head of JINSA applauding the letter and arguing: “The West must not allow UN sanctions against Iran’s drone and ballistic missile program to expire especially while the regime is sending these deadly weapons to Russia. Iran’s drones and missiles are already used to attack Americans and our allies in the Middle East ­– there is no justification for Iran to be allowed to supercharge its deadly activity. These sanctions will ensure Iran’s is continued to be isolated internationally, demonstrating that there are consequences violating UNSCR 2231…” Also see Tweets: Mills (R-FL-7), Mills (R-FL-7)

(END WAR IN YEMEN) Tlaib-Khanna et al letter to Biden Amdin officials: On 5/17/23 (not previously reported in the Round-Up), Reps. Tlaib (D-MN) and Khanna (D-CA) led a letter, co-signed by 37 fellow House Democrats, urging the Biden Administration [addressed to President Biden, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, USAID Administrator Samantha Power, NSC Middle East Coordinator Brett McGurk, and Special Envoy for Yemen Tim Lenderking] to take a series of specific steps (listed in the letter). The signers conclude: “We believe that these steps are crucial to achieving a just and lasting peace in Yemen and ending a dark chapter of American involvement in this horrific crime against the Yemeni people. For our part, we will remain deeply engaged in supporting this renewed momentum for peace, and stand ready to introduce legislation to prevent further U.S. military complicity in the Saudi-led war on Yemen if hostilities resume, including via Congress’ authority under the War Powers Act.

Also see:

  • Press release: Tlaib
  • Tweets: Khanna (D-CA-17) 05/18/2023: Retweet of @justfp – “Press release: “As negotiations proceed, the U.S. must be clear that it will not provide any support to the Saudis — logistical, intelligence or spare parts — until peace is secured,” said @RepRoKhanna…Khanna (D-CA-17) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “Despite recent progress in peace talks, the ongoing war in Yemen continues to fuel the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. @RepRashida and I are leading the call for @POTUS to support ongoing diplomacy to end the eight-year long war…


2. Hearings



3. Media & Reports

Jewish Insider 5/25/23: Maryland Senate primary clash pits money against endorsements [“Trone is also a vocal supporter of the U.S.-Israel relationship, both within Congress and philanthropically, as a major donor to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. The pro-Israel lobby’s political action committee endorsed Trone last year. Alsobrooks traveled to Israel on an AIPAC-affiliated trip in 2019, after which she began to engage more closely with members of Maryland’s Jewish community. But her views on the U.S.-Israel relationship are largely unknown.”]

Axios 5/24/23: Inside Congress’ little-known, makeshift Jewish caucus [“When tensions flare up in the Middle East or a visiting Israeli dignitary wants to meet with American lawmakers, Congress’ informal Jewish caucus springs into action. Why it matters: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s push to overhaul Israel’s judiciary has made Congress’ loose-knit Jewish members’ working group unusually cohesive of late as it tries to influence policy on both sides of the Atlantic.”]

Free Beacon 5/24/23: Cruz Challenger Who Says He’s Pro-Israel Rakes in $200K From Anti-Israel Group [J Street]

Jewish Insider 5/24/23: A pro-Israel progressive, Joe Vogel seeks to make history in Maryland

Florida Daily 5/23/23: Florida’s Senators Stand With Israel, Champion the Combating BDS Act

Jewish Insider 5/23/23: Rubio, Republicans reintroduce bill targeting supporters of Palestinian terror groups (covered in last week’s Round-Up)

The Hill 5/22/23:​​ Biden, Congress must take advantage of their chance to reset Iran policy (UANI)

The Liberal Patriot 5/22/23: “A Fighter for My Country” An interview with Rep. Ritchie Torres of New York (by Brian Katulis) [“…Before I offer an opinion on judicial reforms, I want to make it crystal clear that my concerns about judicial reforms or particular judicial reforms are compartmentalized from my commitment to the American-Israeli relationship. There have been attempts by the usual anti-Israel detractors to exploit the controversy in Israel, to condition aid to Israel and to fundamentally change the nature of the American-Israeli relationship and I reject those attempts emphatically. My belief in the American-Israeli relationship remains unshaken…”]


4. Members on the Record (Palestine/Palestinians)

Justice for Shireen Abu Akleh

Bush (D-MO-1) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “1 year after the Israeli military killed Shireen Abu Akleh, we still don’t have accountability for Shireen and her family. I stood with Shireen’s family, @RepAndreCarson & colleagues to announce the reintroduction of the #JusticeforShireen Act and call for real accountability. Link to image

Carson (D-IN-7) 05/18/2023: Tweet – “Today, I re-introduced the #JusticeforShireen Act, requiring a report to Congress on the death of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. No American journalist should fear retaliation, imprisonment, or death simply for doing their jobs. Link to video

Durbin (D-IL) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “Shireen Abu Akleh was an American citizen, respected journalist, and household name across the Middle East. She paid the ultimate price last May while bringing us truth through her reporting. Sending love to her family a year later – and I’ll keep pressing for accountability. Link to image

McCollum (D-MN-4) 05/18/2023: Tweet – “I was proud to stand with Shireen Abu Akleh’s family to demand accountability for her death one year ago at hands of the IDF. She was a Palestinian-American, a journalist, a beloved family member. For these reasons & to protect press freedom, we need #JusticeForShireen. Link to image

Menendez (D-NJ) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “More than one year since the death of New Jerseyan Shireen Abu Akleh, our efforts to promote & protect journalists’ ability to do their jobs worldwide has never been more critical. We honor her legacy & offer our support to her loved ones as they continue to grieve her loss.

Tlaib (D-MI-12) 05/18/2023: Tweet – “Shireen’s family continues to demand justice a year after her murder. The U.S. needs to get serious about holding those responsible for an American journalist’s murder accountable. #JusticeforShireen Link to image

Welch (D-VT) 05/18/2023: Twitter thread – “It’s been over a year since Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was killed while on assignment in the West Bank. Link to image Today, I met with Shireen’s family to discuss ways my office can help seek justice. This cycle of violence without accountability must end, and my colleagues and I will continue to pursue answers from the Biden Administration and the Israeli government.

Bashing Palestinians/Attacking Palestinian Rights Advocacy & Free Speech

Scott (R-FL) 05/22/2023: Retweet of @AIPAC – “Thank you @SenRickScott! The BDS campaign is a deliberate, discriminatory attack on the Jewish State of Israel. Link to quoted tweet

Scott (R-FL) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “The anti-Israel BDS movement is hateful and disgusting – it has no place in our nation. I’m always PROUD to stand with our Jewish community and fight the BDS movement and anti-Israel hate wherever it is found. Sens. Rick Scott & Marco Rubio Lead Legislation to Combat Anti-Israel BDS Campaign… | rickscott.senate.gov

Bacon (R-NE-2) 05/18/2023: Twitter thread – “On May 15th, the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, demanded Israel be suspended from the UN unless it grants Palestinians a state and a “right of return” for millions of refugees, and denied Jewish ties to the Temple Mount. President Abbas’ remarks were made during the UN General Assembly’s “Nakba Day” commemoration by the UN General Assembly,  referring to an Arabic word term used by Palestinians  describe the creation of Israel. I am shocked that the UN would acknowledge this designation that is clearly hateful.  This event clearly supports hatred and encourages antisemitism, and provided Abbas an opportunity to continue exploiting international bodies to promote his libelous narrative and hatred. Link to reply @jjcomaha A future 200% debt to GDP ratio may cause the collapse of our economy. Wise leaders take action now. Link to reply @jjcomaha Crazy 14th Amendment talk is bizarre.

Lawler (R-NY-17) 05/19/2023: Twitter thread – “Make no mistake- the end goal of the BDS movement is the destruction of Israel. That some in the international community have rendered support to this movement is unconscionable. BDS Can No Longer Hide Behind International Organizations… | newsweek.com Thank you former @LeeMZeldin for highlighting my bipartisan efforts with @RepJoshG to block U.S. companies and individuals from participating in IGO-orchestrated boycotts of allies like Israel. I look forward to working with my colleagues to ensure H.R. 3016 becomes law.

Lawler (R-NY-17) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “The credence some in the international community have given the BDS movement is disturbing. That’s why I introduced bipartisan legislation with Josh Gottheimer to block U.S. companies and individuals from participating in BDS efforts orchestrated by IGOs. BDS Can No Longer Hide Behind International Organizations… | newsweek.com


5.  Members on the Record (Israel)

Israeli Attack on Human Rights/Civil Society Sector

Welch (D-VT) 05/26/2023: Tweet – “I have deep concerns about this proposed bill. It would obstruct funding to civil society and humanitarian organizations in the region. The bill should be pulled from consideration. ‘Civil society killer’: Israel tax bill threatens to silence NGOs… | bit.ly

IHRA Definition of Antisemitism

Torres (D-NY-15) 05/25/2023: Tweet – “The IHRA definition of antisemitism is the gold standard. Antisemitic conspiracy theories are often weaponized against both the Jewish community AND the Jewish state. Any definition that ignores invidious discrimination against Israel is incomplete. Biden expected to implement IHRA definition of antisemitism – analysis

Gottheimer (D-NJ) & Moskowitz (D-FL) 05/25/23: press release – Gottheimer, Moskowitz Statement Supporting the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism [“We commend the Biden Administration for establishing the White House Antisemitism Task Force to confront the threat of rising antisemitism, and we commend the Administration for its strong statements of support for the IHRA Working Definition from senior officials, including Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism Deborah Lipstadt. As the White House prepares its national strategy to combat antisemitism, we look forward to reviewing a framework that explicitly commits to the IHRA Working Definition and its continued use by the United States at home and abroad.”]

Gottheimer (D-NJ-5) 05/24/2023: Tweet – “As the White House prepares its national strategy to combat antisemitism, we look forward to reviewing a framework that explicitly commits to the IHRA Working Definition and its continued use by the United States at home & abroad. Read my full statement with @RepMoskowitz here: Link to image

Gottheimer (D-NJ-5) 05/25/2023: Retweet of @CombatASemitism – “Thank you @RepJoshG and @RepMoskowitz for your commitment to combating antisemitism in the strongest way by encouraging the @WhiteHouse to include the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism, the global standard for recognizing and fighting Jew-hatred, in the national strategy to… Show more   Link to quoted tweet

Goldman (D-NY-10) 05/19/2023: Retweet of @WorldJewishCong – “To fight hate, you have to be able to identify it. @TheIHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism does just that. That’s why it’s supported by the vast majority of Jewish communities and organizations & is used by governments, businesses, and institutions around the globe. Made in… Show more   Link to video

Pro-Israel Legislation

Young (R-IN) 05/24/2023: Tweet – “Terrorist groups have launched more than 1,000 rockets at Israeli civilians in 2023. Our bill would impose sanctions on foreign individuals, entities, and governments that provide support to Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and other terrorist groups. Young, Rubio Reintroduce Bill to Sanction Enablers of Palestinian Terrorist Groups | U.S. Senator Todd Young of Indiana

Bacon (R-NE-2) 05/22/2023: Retweet of @J_Insider – “The “Doxing Threat Assessment Act,” would direct DHS to report on the risks posed to both national security and individual privacy by the potential online activities of such malicious actors, @marcrod97 reports. Citing BDS ‘Mapping Project,’ lawmakers call for DHS assessment on cyber harassment, doxing… | jewishinsider.com

Gimenez (R-FL-28) 05/22/2023: Tweet – “Let me be clear: I will always support the democratic, Jewish State of #Israel. Proud to introduce pro-Israel legislation that reaffirms America’s support for our strongest ally in the Middle East! Congressman Carlos Gimenez Introduces Legislative Package to Support Israel… | gimenez.house.gov

Lawler (R-NY-17) 05/20/2023: Tweet – “Thank you @NYDailyNews highlighting my work with @RepRitchie on H.R. 3099 – our bipartisan bill to create a State Department Special Envoy for the Abraham Accords. This will have an enormous impact in advancing peace in the Middle East, building on the success of the Accords. Link to image

Torres (D-NY-15) 05/20/2023: Twitter thread – “Appreciate the @NYDailyNews Editorial Board for recognizing @RepMikeLawler and myself for our work to advance bipartisan legislation establishing a Special Envoy @StateDept responsible for strengthening and expanding the Abraham Accords. Bipartisan backing to support and expand the Abraham Accords… | nydailynews.com   Link to image The Abraham Accords is the greatest peace agreement in the history of the Middle East. It promises to usher in a world where Jewish people, Christians, and Muslims can live together in shared peace and prosperity.

Gimenez (R-FL-28) 05/19/2023: Twitter thread – “FOX NEWS EXCLUSIVE Just introduced HR 3393, the U.S.-Israel Cooperation Expansion Act, & H.Res 409 condemning the terrorist attacks against Israel. America is proud to stand with the democratic, Jewish State of #Israel! House Republican introduces ‘pro-Israel’ legislative package amid tensions with Palestinian militants in Gaza… | foxnews.com Thank you to my colleagues for co-sponsoring our legislation to support America’s strongest ally, #Israel! @RepMariaSalazar @RepWebster @RepNancyMace @RepDonaldsPress @RepMichaelGuest @GReschenthaler @RepBrianBabin @Congressman_JVD @TXRandy14 @DrNealDunnFL2 @ZachNunn” Also see: Carlos Giménez Offers Proposal to Have U.S. and Israel Work Closer Together on Law Enforcement (Florida Daily 5/25/23)

Gimenez (R-FL-28) 05/19/2023: Retweet of @RyanAFournier – “BREAKING: @RepCarlos Giménez Introduces Legislative Package Condemning Anti-Israel Terrorism Committed By Iran Thank you, @RepCarlos, for supporting a strong U.S./Israel relationship.

Gimenez (R-FL-28) 05/19/2023: Retweet of @FoxNews – “House Republican introduces ‘pro-Israel’ legislative package amid tensions with Palestinian militants in Gaza House Republican introduces ‘pro-Israel’ legislative package amid tensions with Palestinian militants in Gaza… | fxn.ws

Gimenez (R-FL-28) 05/19/2023: Retweet of @foxnewspolitics – “House Republican introduces ‘pro-Israel’ legislative package amid tensions with Palestinian militants in Gaza House Republican introduces ‘pro-Israel’ legislative package amid tensions with Palestinian militants in Gaza… | fxn.ws

Lawler (R-NY-17) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “By passing my bipartisan legislation with @RepRitchie to enhance the Abraham Accords, we can ensure that the promise of improved relations and increased prosperity in the Middle East becomes a reality. And that’s the goal we all share, regardless of politics. Link to video

Jerusalem Day/Standing With Israel

Lamborn (R-CO-5) 05/24/2023: Tweet – “This month David’s Sling air defense system successfully shot down an incoming rocket from Gaza. This is a historic accomplishment for Israel and the teams from 30 states in the U.S. that developed this technology. Another fantastic collaboration between our two countries! Link to quoted tweet

Mast (R-FL-21) 05/25/2023: Tweet – “I’m proud to be the only member of Congress who has worn both of these uniforms, and I’ll continue to stand for the strongest partnership possible between our two countries. Brian Mast: ‘Proud’ to be only congressman to have worn US Army and IDF uniforms – JNS.org

Finstad (R-MN-1) 05/22/2023: Tweet – “Iranian-backed terrorists in Gaza have launched almost 1000 rockets at our ally Israel, targeting innocent civilians. Israel is rightfully taking action to defend itself and its citizens. I’m proud to stand with Israel and will continue to support funding for the lifesaving Iron… Show more

Scott (R-FL) 05/22/2023: Retweet of @ElbazStarinsky – “Thank you @SenRickScott and @SenMarcoRubio. Your staunch support is a the headstone of Israel’s national security. Link to quoted tweet

Ciscomani (R-AZ-6) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “Jerusalem Day marks the liberation of Israel’s most sacred city after the Six Day War. Now and always, America is proud to be an unwavering ally of the free nation of Israel.

D’Esposito (R-NY-4) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “Proud to stand with our nation’s Israeli allies as they recognize #JerusalemDay — a day which marks the reunification of Israel’s capital city. I was honored to visit Jerusalem recently, where I saw firsthand the pride Israeli’s have in their eternal capital. Link to image

Davidson (R-OH-8) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “On the beginning of Jerusalem Day, the United States should stand with our ally Israel, not with their enemies. This week I asked the Biden admin why they’re continuing to fund some of Israel’s most well-known oppressors. Link to video

Kean (R-NJ-7) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “Thinking about my recent trip to Israel on this #JerusalemDay. Today marks the reunification of Israel’s capital city – a prideful day for the Israeli people. Link to image

Letlow (R-LA-5) 05/19/2023: Twitter thread – “This week I had the privilege of joining @IsraelAllies on Capitol Hill in celebration of #JerusalemDay. We commemorate the unification of Jerusalem and the steadfast determination of those who fought for its freedom. Link to image I recently visited Jerusalem with my congressional colleagues in a bipartisan effort to strengthen the U.S. partnership with Israel. Together, we champion democracy, protect freedoms and inspire future generations. Link to image

McCarthy (R-CA-20) 05/19/2023: Retweet of @RepDesposito – “Proud to stand with our nation’s Israeli allies as they recognize #JerusalemDay — a day which marks the reunification of Israel’s capital city. I was honored to visit Jerusalem recently, where I saw firsthand the pride Israeli’s have in their eternal capital. Link to image

Molinaro (R-NY-19) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “I’m proud to stand with Israel on #JerusalemDay as they mark the reunification of their capital. Link to image

Stefanik (R-NY-21) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “Happy Jerusalem Day to our friends in Israel! House Republicans stand committed to recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, advancing our partnership, and advocating for the Jewish state and its right to self-defense.

Bacon (R-NE-2) 05/18/2023: In reply to Tweet – “@Behram_Makujina @RepDonBacon I stand with those who support Israel. America should always stand with Israel.

Burgess (R-TX-26) 05/18/2023: Tweet – “Today we commemorate Jerusalem Day, marking the unification of Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty following the Six-Day War in 1967. As a steadfast friend and ally, the United States takes pride in its strong bond with Israel. Link to image

Lamborn (R-CO-5) 05/18/2023: Tweet – “This week I joined @RepSchneider, @RepMikeLawler, @RepJuliaLetlow & @GilaGamliel for the @IsraelAllies celebration of Jerusalem Day on Capitol Hill. We commemorated the significance of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and reiterated our commitment to religious freedoms in Jerusalem. Link to quoted tweet” Also see: Congressman Lamborn’s Prepared Remarks During the 2023 Jerusalem Day on Capitol Hill

McCarthy (R-CA-20) 05/19/2023: Retweet of @RepMaxMiller – “Today, we celebrate the reunification of Jerusalem and remember our commitment to Israel, the forever home of the Jewish people. #YomYerushalayim #JerusalemDay Link to image

Miller (R-OH-7) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “Today, we celebrate the reunification of Jerusalem and remember our commitment to Israel, the forever home of the Jewish people. #YomYerushalayim #JerusalemDay Link to image

Roy (R-TX-21) 05/18/2023: Retweet of @CUFI – “Happy Jerusalem Day! Fifty-six years ago, Israel prevailed in yet another attempt by her neighbors to destroy the fledgling Jewish state and liberated the eternal capital of the Jewish people. #yomyerushalayim #jerusalem #israel Link to image

Self (R-TX-3) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “Today, we celebrate #JerusalemDay marking the anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, forever reuniting the eternal capital of the Jewish People. I am proud to support and stand with our ally Israel!

Steel (R-CA-45) 05/18/2023: Tweet – “On Jerusalem Day, we commemorate Israel’s liberation of its capital city after the Six-Day War. I am, and always will be, proud to stand with Israel! Link to image

Webster (R-FL-11) 05/18/2023: Tweet – “Today is the 56th anniversary of #JerusalemDay in which Israel celebrates the liberation of Jerusalem during the Six Day War in 1967. US support of Israel is vital. I am grateful that America remains a city on a hill holding high the torch of human freedom & religious liberty. Link to image

Young (R-IN) 05/19/2023: Retweet of @AIPAC – “Thank you @SenToddYoung for celebrating 75 years of a strong U.S.-Israel relationship! #Israel75 Link to video

Travel to Israel

Turner (R-OH-10) 05/25/2023: Tweet – “Our ironclad alliance with Israel is a partnership for peace. I recently led a bipartisan group of lawmakers from @HouseIntel to meet with @IsraeliPM @Netanyahu to discuss how the United States’ relationship with Israel is vital to global security and deters our adversaries. Link to image

Landsman (D-OH-1) 05/19/2023: Retweet of @TaylorPopielarz – “A really interesting, easy-to-follow video by Ohio @RepGregLandsman (D) giving a behind-the-scenes look at a recent congressional delegation trip abroad to Israel and Jordan. (Lawmakers go on these all the time but rarely document them like this) My Trip to Israel, Jordan with the Speaker of the House… | youtube.com

Landsman (D-OH-1) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “Ever wonder what happens on a bipartisan trip to the Middle East? Watch the full recap My Trip to Israel, Jordan with the Speaker of the House… | bit.ly   Link to video

Landsman (D-OH-1) 05/19/2023: Retweet of @TaylorPopielarz – “A really interesting, easy-to-follow video by Ohio @RepGregLandsman (D) giving a behind-the-scenes look at a recent congressional delegation trip abroad to Israel and Jordan. (Lawmakers go on these all the time but rarely document them like this) My Trip to Israel, Jordan with the Speaker of the House… | youtube.com

Spanberger (D-VA-7) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “I recently returned from a bipartisan visit with the U.S. House Intelligence Committee to Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. Democrats and Republicans should always agree on the need to strengthen our security partnerships and keep Americans safe around the world. Link to video


Lawler (R-NY-17) 05/26/2023: Tweet – “I enjoyed talking with @GroszCindy about my trip to the Knesset for @SpeakerMcCarthy’s historic speech, my unwavering support for Israel and commitment to our Jewish communities in the Hudson Valley, and my return to Israel later this year as part of @AIPAC’s freshman trip. Link to video

Miller (R-OH-7) 05/25/2023: Tweet – “.@SenatorCirino has been a lifelong advocate for Israel and the Jewish people. The best way to address ignorance is with education. Ignoring Holocaust denial empowers it. Show more   Link to quoted tweet

Pelosi (D-CA-11) 05/25/2023: Tweet – “.@USJewishDems are a vital voice for justice, peace and Democracy, helping us pave the way to progress. Proudly, this week I accepted their Defender of Democracy Award, and celebrated their work to bring about a more just society. Link to image

Pelosi (D-CA-11) 05/24/2023: Retweet of @USJewishDems – “Throughout her historic career, Speaker Emerita Pelosi has been an ally and champion of the Jewish community and our values. Last night, Jewish Dems honored her with our Defender of Democracy Award. Link to image

Pelosi (D-CA-11) 05/24/2023: Tweet – “Thank you, @USJewishDems, for being a vital voice for justice, peace and Democracy. -NP Link to quoted tweet

Bacon (R-NE-2) 05/23/2023: Twitter thread – “Today I met with Azerbaijan’s Deputy Foreign Minister and thanked him for his country’s strong support for Israel & Ukraine.  A peaceful settlement with Armenia is in our national interest and I’m hopeful that negotiations will soon bear fruit @AzerbaijanMFA Link to image   Link to reply @BigD50927583 @AzerbaijanMFA I defend freedom and our values. Putin is the antithesis of the GOP.

Cotton (R-AR) 05/23/2023: Tweet – “No one leading a group that wants to destroy the one Jewish state should be on the board of the Holocaust Museum. Another terrible pick from President Biden. Biden Appoints Holocaust Museum Board Member From Org That Accused Israel of Apartheid | Frontpage Mag   Show more

Payne (D-NJ-10) 05/22/2023: Tweet – “I met with the Jewish Community Relations Council today. These students wanted to discuss U.S. policies regarding Israel and the relationship between the two countries. Link to image

Scholten (D-MI-3) 05/22/2023: Retweet of @YinamCohen – “It was great discussing US-Israel relations with @RepScholten of Michigan. We discussed the opportunities for expanding the circle of peace in the Middle East and the challenges posed by radical actors. Rep. Scholten’s district in Michigan is also one of the most beautiful… Show more   Link to image

Diaz-Balart (R-FL-26) 05/19/2023: Retweet of @IsraelinMiami – “Wonderful meeting with Congressman @MarioDB Director General @RonenLeviMaoz Consul General @ElbazStarinsky and Deputy Consul General @mikedriquez discussing strategic partnerships between Israel and the United States Link to image

Jackson Lee (D-TX-18) 05/20/2023: Retweet of @LiviaLinkRaviv – “Thank you Congresswoman @JacksonLeeTX18 for your kind words reiterating the US-Israel alliance. Link to image

Slotkin (D-MI-7) 05/18/2023: Retweet of @N7_Initiative – “Tuesday, May 23rd: Cybersecurity is creating new horizons for the Abraham Accords. The event will feature remarks by @RepSlotkin, Co-Chair of the Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus, and @SenatorLankford, Co-Chair of the Senate Abraham Accords Caucus. Cybersecurity creates new horizons for Abraham Accords… | atlanticcouncil.org   Link to image


6. Members on the Record (Iran)

Levin (D-CA-49) 05/26/2023: In reply to Tweet – “I am deeply disturbed by the executions of three young men at the hands of the Iran regime. #MajidKazemi #SaeedYaghoubi #SalehMirhashemi received sham trials in what continues to be the regime’s disregard for human rights and dignity. #StopExecutionsinIran

McCaul (R-TX-10) 05/25/2023: Tweet – “CHM @RepMcCaul: “Iran is expanding its arsenal of lethal missiles in violation of UN restrictions. My Fight CRIME Act mandates sanctions on anyone enabling the proliferation of Iranian missiles or drones counter to UNSCR 2231 even after October.”Iran unveils 2,000 km-range ballistic missile -IRNA… | reuters.com

Norcross (D-NJ-1) 05/25/2023: Twitter thread – “.@POTUS’ nomination of Gen. Brown as the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is historic and well-deserved. Gen. Brown is an exception leader, and there is no question that he is more than qualified to lead our armed forces. Biden set to nominate Air Force Gen. C.Q. Brown as the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff | CNN Politics As the former chairman and current ranking member of the @HASCDemocrats Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee, I have worked closely with Gen. Brown, and I look forward to our continued work together to overcome global security challenges and strengthen our national defense. Gen. Brown must be confirmed as quickly as possible by my Senate colleagues. With the numerous threats we face around the world from Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia, now is not the time to play politics with our military and national security.

Burchett (R-TN-2) 05/25/2023: Tweet – “China has an economic and political foothold in the Middle East. The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategies, Plans, and Capabilities doesn’t think this is a problem. The CCP’s relationship with Iran is something the U.S. needs to take very seriously. Link to video

Risch (R-ID) 05/24/2023: Tweet – “It’s been almost 2.5 years since Biden took office & this admin still does not have a coherent #Iran policy. Instead of continuing to enable the regime, the U.S. must reassert maximum pressure & deploy clear diplomatic, economic, & military deterrence. Over 100 former world leaders tell Biden to get tough on Iran as scrutiny mounts for lack of strategy… | foxnews.com

Levin (D-CA-49) 05/23/2023: Tweet – “The violent and repressive regime in #Iran must face consequences for their continued human rights abuses. I’m proud to cosponsor the Mahsa Amini Human Rights and Security Accountability (MAHSA) Act to hold the regime accountable.

Carson (D-IN-7) 05/23/2023: Retweet of @sarahraviani – “Democratic congressman, @RepAndreCarson, has co-sponsored the #MAHSAAct (HR 589). The bill now has 115 total co-sponsors, 61 Republicans & 54 Democrats. Thankful for Rep. Carson & his wonderful staff for listening to our calls & taking action for human rights in Iran. Link to image

Cruz (R-TX) 05/22/2023: Tweet – “WATCH: Senator Cruz blasts the Biden administration’s cozy relationship with Iran and appeasement of the Ayatollah: Link to video

Ernst (R-IA) 05/23/2023: Tweet – “The Chinese Communist Party and our adversaries in Russia, North Korea, and Iran must not be permitted to profit from the retirement accounts of our military personnel and government employees. Bipartisan Senators Reintroduce Legislation to Keep Chinese Firms Out of Thrift Savings Plan… | myfederalretirement.com

Mills (R-FL-7) 05/22/2023: In reply to Tweet – “Big thanks to @RepMcCaul @RepBrianMast @RepJoeWilson @RepMichaelGuest @RepMikeLawler @RepDLamborn @RepMcCormick @RepWaltzPress @RepNateMoran @RepLaLota @MarioDB @RepJimBanks @RepRonnyJackson @RepPatFallon @RepFinstad @RepAndyBarr @RepMarkGreen @RepGuthrie

Risch (R-ID) 05/22/2023: Tweet – “The Iranian regime executed three men last week for coming to the aid of #Iran’s women. These executions & the extraction of confessions via torture underscore Iran’s status as a pariah. We’re long-overdue for a return to maximum pressure & a more comprehensive U.S. Iran policy.

Spanberger (D-VA-7) 05/23/2023: Tweet – “As a former CIA case officer and the only Virginian on the House Agriculture Committee, I’m committed to protecting America’s farms and farm families from foreign threats. My new bipartisan bill would block foreign adversaries from buying up U.S. farmland.Spanberger: bill would ban China, Russia, Iran from acquiring American farmland… | starexponent.com

Bacon (R-NE-2) 05/21/2023: Tweet – “Welcome to the A-Team. It means you’re on the right side of this issue, and for calling out the unprovoked and unjust invasion, and the warcrimes subsequently committed. Iran banned me as well. Link to quoted tweet

Cruz (R-TX) 05/21/2023: Tweet – “Biden is funding both sides of the war in Ukraine. He is letting billions flow to Iran – which fuels the Ayatollah’s war machine and weapons manufacturing. These have been used by Russia to devestate Ukrainian forces and soldiers. Link to video

Cruz (R-TX) 05/21/2023: Tweet – “ICYMI: Sen. Cruz Calls Out Biden Administration for Funding Both Sides of Russian-Iranian War on Ukraine   Sen. Cruz Calls Out Biden Administration for Funding Both Sides of Russian-Iranian War on Ukraine | U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas

Bacon (R-NE-2) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “Iran has executed 90 people over last 18 days. Their crime was protesting for democracy and human rights. The Iranians are suffering under this brutal regime. Iran defies US over executions, putting three democracy protesters to death… | foxnews.com

McCormick (R-GA-6) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “This is why we must stand in solidarity with the men and women of Iran who yearn for freedom. @iacogeorgia @iran_policy @LibertyIranian Iran executes three men over recent protests | CNN

Menendez (D-NJ) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “The world should be enraged over #Iran’s executions of #MajidKazemi, #SaeedYaghoubi & #SalehMirhashemi. The regime may believe the world isn’t watching as it terrorizes citizens into silence. We all must support those who stand by the Iranian people in the face of this brutality.

Stefanik (R-NY-21) 05/19/2023: Retweet of @HASCRepublicans – “Chinese provision of materials used in ICBMs to Iran could accelerate Iran’s missile program — an Iranian ICBM would be able to range the United States. We must begin work now on an East Coast missile defense site. Chinese National Charged For Conspiring To Provide Materials For The Production Of Ballistic Missiles To Iran In Violation Of U.S. Sanctions… | justice.gov

Tuberville (R-AL) 05/20/2023: Tweet – “The foundation of our economy is agriculture. I am working in the United States Senate to protect Alabama farmland and critical infrastructure from enemies like China, Iran, Russia, and North Korea. Senate passes foreign property ownership ban… | yellowhammernews.com

Alford (R-MO-4) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “This Administration’s actions or lack thereof have driven our adversaries closer together. We need a course correction before it is too late. Link to quoted tweet

Cruz (R-TX) 05/18/2023: Retweet of @Doranimated – “American National Security and the Russian-Iranian War on Ukraine: A Conversation with Senator Ted Cruz American National Security and the Russian-Iranian War on Ukraine: A Conversation with Senator Ted Cruz… | hudson.org

Tenney (R-NY-24) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “It’s been a week since Iran has been appointed to a leadership position in the UN Human Rights Council and @POTUS @SecBlinken and @USUN have been silent. The U.S. should wholeheartedly condemn this atrocious appointment and demand a change in UNHRC leadership.

Wilson (R-SC-2) 05/18/2023: Tweet – “I was grateful to meet with Crown Prince @PahlaviReza and also members of @NUFDIran to discuss the important issues of human rights in Iran, and democracy for the people of Iran. Link to image


7. Members on the Record (Other Mideast countries)


McCaul (R-TX-10) 05/25/2023: Retweet of @foxnewsradio – “. @BretBaier sits down with @RepMcCaul & @RepGregoryMeeks to discuss the #G7Summit the global threat of #Russia & #China and share updates on #Syria Listen & Subscribe Here: The Bret Baier Podcast… | buff.ly   Link to video

Rubio (R-FL) 05/25/2023: Tweet – “Important sanction against a senior member of the Wagner Group in Mali.    These Russian mercenaries are responsible for indiscriminate war crimes in Syria, Ukraine, & Africa. The U.S. must use all available tools at its disposal to hold them accountable. Treasury Sanctions the Head of the Wagner Group in Mali… | home.treasury.gov.

Jacobs (D-CA-51) 05/24/2023: Tweet – “Civilian harm is an institutional – not an individual – problem. That’s why we need to focus on implementing the CHMR-AP so instead of a lack of transparency on civilian harm, there are checks in place to address it, learn from it, and make amends. Senior US general ordered Twitter announcement of drone strike on al Qaeda leader that may have instead killed civilian | CNN Politics

Wilson (R-SC-2) 05/23/2023: Tweet – “Support for a free and democratic Syria remains strong and I am grateful to introduce this bipartisan legislation to hold the murderous Assad regime accountable for its crimes. Bloody red carpet: Assad returns to international stage with Arab League welcome… | foxnews.com

Jacobs (D-CA-51) 05/20/2023: Tweet – “I’m alarmed by these reports that a U.S. missile may have killed a Syrian civilian — not a senior al-Qaeda leader. I urge DOD to conduct a full investigation into what happened, make potential plans for amends, and report to Congress. U.S. officials walk back claim drone strike killed senior al-Qaeda leader… | washingtonpost.com

Omar (D-MN-5) 05/19/2023: Twitter thread – “Rep. Omar’s statement on U.S. drone strike killing a civilian in Syria. (Thread) It is shameful and unacceptable that another civilian life was taken by another covert drone strike. The hard truth is that this tragedy is not exceptional – thousands of people around the world have been killed in unaccountable strikes over the past two decades. We need full accountability and a full inquiry into this strike to ensure more innocent lives are not senselessly taken with no repercussions. The Biden Administration has made commendable progress on civilian harm in our drone program, but this strike is more proof that there is simply no way to conduct the program humanely. We owe it to the families of victims to acknowledge the truth of what happened, provide the compensation that Congress has repeatedly authorized, and allow independent investigations into these attacks. As long as we live in a country where the only people who face charges for civilian casualties are the whistleblowers who tell the truth about it, we will never move beyond this tragic cycle. It is imperative that the United States ensures our military operations are conducted with complete respect for international law because when we say we champion human rights and peace, we should mean it. You can read the full statement here: Rep. Ilhan Omar Statement on U.S. Drone Strike Killing Civilian in Syria | Representative Ilhan Omar

Risch (R-ID) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “Today’s Arab League meeting is the first in 12 years to include war criminal #Assad of Syria. His return should be condemned. Syrians, including the hundreds of thousands killed or missing, deserve accountability, not a photo op. Congress is united & prepared to act. #Caesar

Van Hollen (D-MD) 05/18/2023: Tweet – “It’s been almost 11 years since journalist Austin Tice was abducted in Syria — and we won’t rest until he’s back with his family, safe and sound. I’m working with his mother, Debra, and the State Department to ensure the United States is doing all we can to #BringAustinHome. Link to image

Wilson (R-SC-2) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “The Arab League meeting this morning was disgusting. The warm embrace of mass murderer Assad will be met with serious consequences. I am working to ensure my Assad Regime Anti-Normalization Act moves rapidly through Congress.” Retweeted by McCaul (R-TX-10)


Lesko (R-AZ-8) 05/26/2023: Tweet – “Pleasure to meet with the Egyptian Delegation to talk about the importance of defending the right to have religious freedom. Link to image


McCaul (R-TX-10) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “CHM @RepMcCaul ” .@StateDept is offering $7M for info on Hizballah terrorist Ibrahim Aqil, who bombed the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, killing 63 people, & the U.S. Marine Corps barracks, killing 241 U.S. personnel. Let’s bring this terrorist to justice.” Rewards for Justice – Reward Offer for Information on Hizballah Leader Ibrahim Aqil – United States Department of State

Menendez (D-NJ) 05/19/2023: Tweet – “Glad to meet with @ATFLebanon to discuss our strong commitment to support institutions like the Lebanese Armed Forces & ensure that Lebanon soon selects a president committed to reforms that address the economic crisis & is transparent with & accountable to the Lebanese people. Link to image


Waltz (R-FL-6) 05/25/2023: Retweet of @AmbKawar – “To Congressman @michaelgwaltz (FL-6), thank you for your kind words of support and best wishes on this very special day for all Jordanians. I look forward to continuing our work together to enhance the already strong bilateral ties. User Clip: Jordan Independence Day… | c-span.org

Waltz (R-FL-6) 05/25/2023: Tweet – “Jordanian Independence Day is especially meaningful to me since I married into a Jordanian-American family and recently visited the baptismal site of Jesus on the River Jordan Link to quoted tweet


Tlaib (D-MI-12) 05/22/2023: Tweet – “The Yemeni people are currently facing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, and we must do everything we can to help them. The recent progress offers hope that peace in Yemen is possible, but obstacles remain that require engagement from this Congress and President Biden. Link to video


Moulton (D-MA-6) 05/18/2023: Retweet of @BayanRahman – “Delighted to see Congressman @RepMoulton again. I thanked him for his consistent support to the people of #Kurdistan over the years. We discussed recent developments, including good relations between Erbil and Baghdad, the dangers of a prolonged halt to oil exports, and security… Show more   Link to image


Bacon (R-NE-2) 05/25/2023: Twitter thread – “In 2022, the government spent $50 million to encourage tourists to visit Tunisia. The GOP spending cuts aren’t “unreasonable.” Spending taxpayer dollars on things like this is irresponsible. Source: The United States Injects USD $50 Million into Tunisia’s Tourism Sector with the Visit Tunisia Project… | tn.usembassy.gov   Link to reply @MarkKeim3 I voted against $10T in spending the last 2.5 years… stopped some of it but some was passed by party line Dem vote.

Omar (D-MN-5) 05/25/2023: Tweet – “Congresswoman Ilhan Omar met today with Hanène Tajouri Bessassi, Tunisia’s Ambassador to the United States. The Congresswoman raised concerns about restrictions on opposition parties’ freedom of assembly and expression, as well as the cases of Rached Ghannouchi, Saïd Ferjani, and… Show more   Link to image

Crockett (D-TX-30) 05/25/2023: Tweet – “It was a pleasure to meet with Hanene Tajouri Bessassi (@BessassiTajouri), the Ambassador of Tunisia to the United States. Last century, the U.S. was the first major power to recognize Tunisian independence. This century, our cooperation and collaboration continues! Link to image