Recording - The Changing Nature of Pro-Israel Politics on Capitol Hill

As a more nuanced, pro-diplomacy stance toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has become the center of the Democratic Party, we have seen a counter-reaction amongst Republicans as the right-wing of the pro-Israel community embrace elected officials who support the type of nationalist rhetoric that has historically been an early indicator of danger for the Jewish community. For what was once an issue of near consensus, the fissures between the parties are now more clear than ever, with increasing numbers of Republicans openly opposing a Two-State Solution and a polarizing debate over what it means to support the American Jewish Community and even on what it looks like to combat antisemitism.

While a lot of energy has been spent discussing the shift in the Democratic party, there has been less attention paid to the equally significant changes within the Republican party.
APN’s Hadar Susskind and Madeleine Cereghino were joined for a conversation by Stacy Burdett and Dan Kalik on Tuesday April 5th 2022, at 1:00 pm Eastern Time to discuss what this growing shift means in Congress going forward.