Peace Now's Past and Present Leaders at Yitzhak Rabin 25-Year Memorial Event

APN's Yitzhak Rabin 25-Year Memorial Event - live-streamed on October 20, will include both past and current leaders of Peace Now in Israel.

(pictured clockwise starting top left corner): Shaqued Morag, Executive Director, Janet Aviad, Founder and Chairwoman Emeritus of the Board, Hagit Ofran, Settlement Watch Co-Director, and Yariv Oppenheimer, former Executive Director.

Register to attend and join host Mandy Patinkin and all the special guests for this event.

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Film Screening and Discussion - "The Settlers' Billionaire Backer" - Thursday, October 8

The Settlers' Billionaire Backer, an investigative documentary by BBC News Arabic, revolves around the discovery that Russian oligarch, Roman Abramovich, granted Israeli citizenship in 2018, controls companies that have donated $100 million to Elad, an Israeli settler organization that operates in occupied East Jerusalem. 
Elad, often in concert with the Israeli government, works to "Judaize" East Jerusalem, which has had serious detrimental ramifications on Palestinian residents, including outright evictions.

The Progressive Israel Network, in which APN is a member, invited you to join us for this program:

Thursday, October 8, 2020

1:00 PM Eastern / 10:00 AM Pacific

Watch the film on your own
*Please note we will send you a link to watch the film at this time. The film will not be available to watch later.

2:00 PM Eastern / 11:00 AM Pacific

Join us for a post-film discussion with investigative journalist Uri Blau, BBC News Arabic Senior Producer Rosie Garthwaite, and the New Israel Fund's VP for Public Engagement Libby Lenkinski.


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Join us in honoring Yitzhak Rabin

APN's Yitzhak Rabin 25-Year Memorial Event - Tuesday, October 20

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from Hadar Susskind, APN President and CEO:

In recent days, there has been a great deal of discussion about our decision to honor the late Yitzhak Rabin and his legacy of peace.

There’s a lot to discuss about Rabin’s legacy. But let me be clear, we at APN continue to hold the prospect of peace as the ultimate goal for Israelis and Palestinians, and we honor the legacy of Yitzhak Rabin and his courageous steps towards peace.

We know that you do too. Your support of APN has been a beacon for the movement for nearly 40 years. That is why we need you to help us commemorate Rabin’s life and continue our work as his legacy.

Rabin was a model for the transformation from enmity and conflict to peace and reconciliation that our Israeli sister organization, Shalom Achshav, is fighting to achieve in Israel, and that we at APN support here in the United States.

Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s personal and political transformation inspired hope for peace as no other Israeli leader has. It was Rabin’s power to inspire, as a general-turned-statesman, that led his assassin, Jewish zealot Yigal Amir, to murder him at the end of a peace rally 25 years ago. Amir’s three bullets reversed the process of reconciliation and compromise that Rabin had championed and led us down the path toward 25 years of additional conflict.

Revisiting the peace process: Jordan-Israeli relations - The Jerusalem PostFor Israel’s peace movement and its supporters in the United States, it is natural to honor a man who shifted from hawk to dove, from fighting Palestinians and denying their national identify and collective rights, to formally recognizing them and their national aspirations. Rabin’s personal transformation inspired millions of Israelis and Palestinians, and supporters of peace between the two peoples worldwide, to believe that a peace agreement based on a historical compromise was attainable.

By commemorating this courageous leader and his political transformation, even as we acknowledge the complexity of his legacy, we are reaffirming our belief that a return to his path of reconciliation is the only viable way forward. A peace based on mutual respect and the acknowledgement of national aspirations is not just a dream – it is the only realistic alternative to endless conflict. It is necessary, and, yes, it is within reach. It depends on leadership, the leadership modeled by Yitzhak Rabin..

You have been a part of this quest for many years. With your help, we will keep Rabin’s spirit alive. We will continue to expand our urgent work to educate Israelis and Americans, including elected officials, on the imperative of achieving lasting peace through negotiations and compromise.

Please help us light the path towards peace with a gift to APN today.


And we hope that you will join us for our October 20th commemoration of the life and legacy of Yitzhak Rabin. Register HERE and participate in the largest memorial service outside of Israel, marking 25 years since his death.


APN's Yitzhak Rabin 25-Year Memorial Event - Live-Streamed on October 20 - Register to Attend!

Yitzhak Rabin 25-Year Memorial Event

Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 8:00 pm Eastern

7:00 pm Central / 6:00 pm Mountain / 5:00 pm Pacific

Hosted by Mandy Patinkin, Musical Performances from: Netta Barzilai, David Broza, Achinoam (Noa) Nini, and Peter Yarrow; Featured Speakers include: Randi Weingarten, Keith Ellison, Noa Rothman (granddaughter of Yitzhak Rabin), Joshua Malina, and Congressman Jamie Raskin

Register to Attend!

Questions? Email

See the video invite from event host Mandy Patinkin and register to attend!

Please support this event with a tax-deductible donation.

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APN's Yitzhak Rabin 25-Year Memorial Event - Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Americans for Peace Now will hold a live streamed memorial event on Tuesday October 20, 2020, marking the 25-year anniversary of the assassination of Israel’s Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

We will honor and celebrate the life and legacy of Yitzhak Rabin with those who knew him, worked with him for peace, and were and remain inspired by him.

The event will be hosted by actor, social activist, and APN Board Member Mandy Patinkin. He will be joined by special guest speakers and musical performers from the US and Israel (already confirmed are Israeli musicians David Broza and Achinoam Nini (“Noa”), videos, and an interactive memorial candle-lighting for those in (virtual) attendance to participate in.

Yitzhak Rabin was a pioneer and fighter in forging the nation-state of Israel. His public life was in service to his country - as a soldier, a diplomat, and a politician – including as Israel’s Prime Minister, first from 1973 to 1977, and again from 1992 until his assassination in 1995. His lasting legacy is of a courageous champion of peace. Rabin led Israel in the historic signing of the Oslo Accords with the Palestinian Liberation Organization - securing mutual recognition and a diplomatic path towards a two-state solution, and in achieving an important peace agreement with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Tragically, at a Shalom Achshav (Peace Now) organized rally in Tel Aviv, Yitzhak Rabin’s life was violently taken by an Israeli zealot, who intended to kill Rabin’s vision of peace by murdering the Prime Minister.

Americans for Peace Now and our Israeli partners Shalom Achshav are proud to have worked with Yitzhak Rabin in life, and to continue advancing his quest for a secure, democratic, Jewish state of Israel through a negotiated two-state resolution of the conflict with the Palestinians, and peace agreements with Israel’s neighboring states.

Go HERE to see an invitation video from event host Mandy Patinkin, and to register to attend!

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Mandy Patinkin Invites you to APN's Yitzhak Rabin 25-Year Memorial Live-streamed Event - October 20

Yitzhak Rabin 25-Year Memorial Event 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Dear Everyone, and I mean everyone-

Unbelievably, this is the 25th anniversary of the loss of one of our greatest leaders, Yitzhak Rabin. On the evening of October 20, I will have the honor of hosting Americans for Peace Now’s Memorial Event, which will be live-streamed and free for you to attend.

(Click the picture to watch my video message)

CLICK for an invitation video from Mandy Patinkin

Together, we will honor and celebrate the life and legacy of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin with those who knew him, worked with him for peace, and were and remain inspired by him.

We will also highlight the relevance and importance of his leadership for us today – especially today – when mass protests for democracy and justice are happening in both Israel and the United States, powered by a generation who were not even alive during the Rabin years.

The event will feature friends in Israel, leaders from the political world, peace and social justice activists, and others. You will also see, hear, and sing along to special musical performances, and participate in the memorial candle-lighting.

An evening like this affirms my pride in serving on the board of Americans for Peace Now.

(The photo shows me speaking at a Peace Now conference in Israel, some time ago, with a good deal more hair on my head!)

Please register to attend and save the evening of October 20 in your calendar. We need meaning, inspiration and hopefully a little bit of fun, now more than ever, and I look forward to finding that together, even virtually... More details will be coming your way soon.

See you there...

Mandy Patinkin

Yitzhak Rabin 25-Year Memorial Event - Mandy Patinkin Invitation Video and Registration

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Michael Sfard's recent legal opinion, commissioned by the Israeli human rights organization Yesh Din, concluded that Israel’s occupation of the West Bank is a form of apartheid, constituting a crime according to international law.

Listen to APN's Webinar with Michael Sfard from August 10, 2020:

Michael Sfard is an Israeli attorney who represents various Israeli and Palestinian human rights and peace organizations, movements, and activists. He is an expert in international humanitarian law and international human rights law. He was educated at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and at University College in London.

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VIDEO and AUDIO RECORDINGS - July 10 Webinar with Peter Beinart - "My Case for Equality"

(Note: This embedded video may not start at the beginning. You can manually move the red line back to do so.)

Audio Recording:

Watch/listen to the conversation from Friday, July 10 with Peter Beinart, a leading American Jewish advocate for Israeli-Palestinian peace, and Hadar Susskind, APN President and CEO. 

Beinart speaks in more detail on the genesis of, and thoughts presented in his new essay. In it, he has moved publicly from a long-held position advocating for a two-state solution to now making the case for equality between Jews and Palestinians in a shared or confederated state.

Peter Beinart is Professor of Journalism and Political Science at the City University of New York. He is also a Contributor to The Atlantic, a CNN Political Commentator, Editor-at-Large of Jewish Currents and a Non-Resident Fellow at the Foundation for Middle East Peace. He is the former editor of the New Republic.

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Webinar - "The Perils of Annexation" - Thursday, June 25, 12:30 pm (Eastern)

Zoom Webinar features:

  • Ambassador Dr. Husam Zomlot, Head of the Palestinian Mission to the UK

  • Ambassador (ret.) Ilan Baruch, chair of the pro-two-state Policy Working Group

  • Shaqued Morag, Peace Now Executive Director

The panel will discuss the implications of unilateral – the anticipated political fallout in each nation and around the region, the expected developments on the ground, the question of international reaction and international law – and, just as importantly, how this dangerous unilateral move can still be prevented.

Thursday, June 25, 12:30 pm (Eastern)


Co-sponsors: Americans for Peace Now, Meretz UK, and Partners for Progressive Israel.

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