APN In the News: Dec 14 - Dec 21

Ynet: "Settlers rebuild at evacuated outpost in wake of attacks" (12/19/18)

Peace Now: "There is no limit to the cynicism of the hilltop criminals who exploit the events of recent days to trample the law and ignite disturbances, all with public funds... These pyromaniacs are backed by Knesset members and local politicians.

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Fathom Journal: "Israel's land policy | Khan al-Ahmar and 'state land' allocations in the West Bank" by Hagit Ofran, Peace Now Settlement Watch Director (December 2018)

New information obtained by Peace Now reveals that since 1967, 99.8 per cent of the 'state land' Israel allocated in the West Bank was for the needs of Israeli settlers, while the Palestinians, who constitute 87 per cent of the West Bank population, were allocated at most only 0.24 per cent...

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The Intercept: "A Texas Elementary School Speech Pathologist Refused to Sign a Pro-Israel Oath, Now Mandatory in Many States - so She Lost Her Job" by Glenn Greenwald (12/17/18)

...boycotting Israeli companies in the occupied territories has long been advocated in mainstream venues by Jewish Zionist groups such as Peace Now and the Jewish-American Zionist writer Peter Beinart.

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Times of Israel: "Trump administration mum as Israel mulls legalizing 66 outposts" (12/17/18)

Following the bill's approval, it was immediately castigated by the settlement watchdog Peace Now and the attorney general's office, which said the proposal "raises significant legal problems, which may even lead to international repercussions and expose Israel to significant risks in this respect."

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Jerusalem Post: "After Terror Attacks, Bill Legalizing Settler Outposts Passes First Hurdle" (12/16/18)

"...Such bills that actually tell the settlers: You are above the law, and if you break the law not only will you not be punished, but we will legalize your actions," Peace Now stated.

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The Intercept: "Messianic Jewish Lobbying Group Builds Support for U.S.-Funded Ethnic Cleansing Plan in Palestine" (12/16/18)

Debra Shushan, the director of policy at the group Americans for Peace Now, said that under normal circumstances, any such proposal would never gain traction and would be viewed as comically extreme. But in the Trump era, once unthinkable demands have quickly become policy on Israel and Palestine...

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Jerusalem Post: "Settlers Rebuild the Amona Outpost to Protest Terror Attacks" (12/14/18)

Hagit Ofran of the left-wing group Peace Now said, "It does not matter if the land was purchased legally or not" because the placement of the modular structures on the hilltop without approval was illegal... Peace Now plans to demand that Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit investigate the settlers' actions, she said.

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APN In the News: Nov 24- Dec 13

We at APN are sad to inform you that long-time board member Elaine Attias has passed away. Elaine, who lived in the Los Angeles area, possessed a great intellect and spirit, and was a fighter for social justice and a champion of progressive causes. Elaine made a significant imprint on this world and will be missed and remembered. (LA Times Obituary)

The Times of Israel: AG green-lights legalization of 2,000 settler homes built on Palestinian land (12/13/18)

Peace Now settlement watchdog blasted the prime minister in a fiery statement."After a painful day that consisted of a number of attacks, instead of showing responsibility and trying to calm the situation, the prime minister, as usual, is working to fan the flames. The series of steps he has proposed are dangerous. Not only will they not prevent the next murder, but they will only distance us from the solution that could one day stop the cycle of bloodshed...".

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Ha'aretz: "One-state Solution Gains Ground in America - and pro-Israel Groups Are Worried" by Amir Tibon (12/13/18)

Dr. Debra Shushan, director of policy and government relations at Americans for Peace Now, tells Haaretz that what is driving up support for a one-state solution among left-wingers in America is the aggressive, annexationist policies of the current Israeli government and its failure to pursue a two-state solution.

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Times of Israel: "Jewish Home calls for legalizing Ofra settlement homes after terror attack" (12/10/18)

In 2007, the Peace Now settlement watchdog published official state documents proving that the government had allowed for the construction of hundreds of homes on land expropriated from Palestinians from the nearby village of Ein Yabroud.

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Philadelphia Inquirer: "What Marc Lamont Hill and the Israeli government have in common" by Trudy Rubin (12/5/18)

...The Israeli government is pursuing "leaping not creeping annexation" of the West Bank, in the words of the Americans for Peace Now organization. That refers to Israeli settlement expansion that has virtually ruled out any contiguous Palestinian entity on the West Bank.

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The Jewish Chronicle: "American Jewish progressives defend Airbnb's decision to remove Israeli West Bank properties" (12/7/18)

A group of American progressive Jewish groups has written an open letter in support of Airbnb's decision to remove Israeli listings in the West Bank, describing illegal settlements as "illegitimate, and immoral".

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Foreign Policy: "Americans Are Increasingly Critical of Israel by Shibley Telhami (12/11/18)

New polling shows that the U.S. public's views on Israel's policies are shifting.

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APN In the News: Nov 17- Nov 23

The Times of Israel: Before he quit, Liberman said to tell IDF top brass they sound like Peace Now (12/6/18)

'I sometimes feel like I'm consulting with the management of Peace Now,' then-defense minister reportedly sniped at IDF chief Eisenkot, who was said to oppose Gaza ground operation.

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APN and Fellow Jewish Organizations Send Letter to Minister Erdan on Airbnb (12/5/18)

The letter conveys dismay at Israel Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan's attempt to enlist US governors to apply pro-settlements laws which are likely unconstitutional.

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PeaceCast #64: Arab Citizens on Israel's National Soccer Team (11/30/18)

Eight out of the 22 players on the current Israeli soccer national team are non-Jews. Tomer Fadlon, an expert on the politics and diplomacy of soccer at Tel Aviv University explains the apparent contradiction and much more.

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APN In The News: Nov 11- Nov 16

Go HERE for a recording of yesterday's briefing call with Yossi Alpher (below is the edited PeaceCast version), and HERE to see APN's Form 990 for 2017, recently submitted to the IRS that provides the organization's financial information.

PeaceCast #62: Gaza Flareup - A Talk with Yossi Alpher (11/16/18)

This episode is an edited down version of a November 15th 2018 briefing call with strategic affairs expert Yossi Alpher, a former senior Mossad official and the former director of Tel Aviv University's Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies.

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NOW AVAILABLE: APN's groundbreaking settlements map app (11/13/18)

On Tuesday, November 13, APN released the new, completely revamped and upgraded version of its Facts on the Ground Map App, available for free on iPhone and Android.

APN In The News: Nov 3-Nov 9

PeaceCast: "Bridge over Blood - Friendship between Israelis and Gazans" (11/9/18)

This episode features a conversation with Ose Oyamendan, a documentary filmmaker whose film A Bridge Over Blood documents efforts by Israeli peace activists in southern Israel and Palestinian activists in the Gaza Strip to build bridges of understanding and friendship to advance peace.

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APN Congratulations and Resources for the 116th Congress (11/7/18)

APN congratulates the legislators elected yesterday to the House of Representatives and the Senate. In particular, we welcome new members of Congress. As they prepare to come to Washington, we encourage them to deepen their understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We invite them to use APN as a resource for enhancing their efforts on Capitol Hill to advance peace between Israel, the Palestinians, and the Arab world.

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Trump's New Iran Sanctions Isolate US and Increase Risk of War (11/5/18)

APN opposes the Trump administration's decision to reimpose sanctions on Iran, a step that jeopardizes both American and Israeli security and is likely to embolden Iran's hardliners.

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APN/Peace Now In the News Oct 20-Nov 2

Two new episodes of APN's PeaceCast podcast were released this week:

  • #59: Gaza, Preparing for Dawn featuring Donald McIntyre, the former Jerusalem bureau chief of the British Independent, and author of a new book on the Gaza Strip.
  • #60: Critical Engagement: American Jews and Israel featuring Dov Waxman, a Professor of Political Science, International Affairs, and Israel Studies at Northeastern University, and Director of Northeastern’s Middle East Program.

The Times of Israel: "A ‘balanced’ Rabin rally does us all a disfavor by Peace Now's Brian Reeves" by Peace Now's Brian Reeves (11/2/18)

We don’t need another vanilla gathering to pat ourselves on the back. If you want to galvanize the moderate majority, take on a real challenge to repair and strengthen our country — one worthy of Rabin’s legacy.

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Ha'aretz Compendium: "Two Years of Trump Donald Trump, President of the United States of Hate?" (11/1/18)


Letty Cottin Pogrebin's "For 40 Years, I’ve Fought for Israeli-Palestinian Peace. But a Trump-brokered Deal?

No Israeli-Palestinian deal sullied by Donald Trump's fingerprints can be trusted, because the man himself can’t be trusted and neither can his word

Debra Shushan's "The Day Donald Trump Was Crowned King in Jerusalem"

Along with many other U.S. Jews, I wanted to feel pride at the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. But amid the carnage in Gaza, I felt nausea.

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Ha'aretz: "U.S. Jewish Groups Say They Support a Two State Solution. So Why Are They So Quiet While Trump Dismantles It? " by APN's Debra Shushan and Ori Nir (10/24/18)

Amid a barrage of anti-Palestinian actions, a tacit endorsement of Israel’s West Bank annexation, and an occupation-denying U.S. Ambassador, are the big guns of U.S. Jewry – AIPAC, ADL, AJC, JFNA – really too afraid to rock the boat with Trump?

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APN In The News: October 13 -October 19

San Diego Jewish World: "U.S. to combine embassy and consulate in Jerusalem" (10/16/18)

The move was promptly condemned by Americans for Peace Now in a press release suggesting that it will undermine efforts to achieve a two-state solution.

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Jerusalem Post: "Gov't to approve budget for first Jewish building in Hebron in 16 years" (10/13/18)

Peace Now said that: “The government continues to waste public funds on construction for a hallucinatory settlement in the heart of a Palestinian population. Hebron is the settlement that does the most harm to Israel’s good name. Instead of evacuating it, the government has caved in to extremists. It is trying with force to complicate matters for Israel and distance us from peace.”

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Ma'an News Agency: "Lieberman to approve 31 settlement housing units in Hebron City" (10/12/18)

The NGO settlement watchdog, Peace Now, and the Hebron municipality have issued an appeal to the Israeli Civil Administration against the plan. In response to Leiberman's announcement, Peace Now said that "nothing harms Israel’s reputation as much as construction projects for Israeli settlers in Hebron City. Instead of evacuating them, the government surrenders to extremists and seems intent on forcing us away from peace."

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APN In The News: October 6 -October 12

APN to Israel's Government: Let Lara Alqasem In! (10/11/18)

APN calls on the government of Israel to permit entry into Israel to Lara Alqasem, an American of Palestinian descent who received a student visa from an Israeli consulate in the US to undertake a master’s program at Hebrew University.

Alqasem was detained upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport and has been held by Israeli authorities for over a week pending appeal of the order to deport her. The basis for the detention apparently was information published about Alqasem by the Canary Mission, a shadowy website that seeks to intimidate critics of Israel...

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APN In The News: September 22-October 5

Ha'aretz: "Jewish Federation of San Francisco Says No More Donations to 'Canary Mission' Blacklist" (10/3/18)

“It is extremely disturbing that a major mainstream American Jewish organization is bankrolling the activities of the Canary Mission... a shadowy enterprise which seeks to intimidate college students who do not fall in line with its right-wing perspective on Israel,” said Debra Shushan, director of policy at Americans for Peace Now.

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Ynet: "Amona outpost activist convicted" (9/28/18)

In 2014, Oved was sentenced to one year for a “price tag” attack including hateful graffiti sprayed on the building of Peace Now activist Hagit Ofran.

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APN In The News: September 15-21

Times of Israel: "Angry' Abbas condemns violence after deadly terror attack" (9/17/18)

Abbas tells former Israeli lawmakers that ‘everyone loses from violence,’ hours after Israeli Ari Fuld killed in West Bank stabbing...He told Israeli peace activists [the Peace Now delegation] in a meeting in Ramallah two weeks ago that he supports Israel’s security, underlining that the Palestinian and the Israeli security forces work together “on a daily basis” and that he and his people “do anything possible so that no Israeli gets hurt...”

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Jerusalem Post: "Housing starts in settlements up by 187% in second quarter" (9/10/18)

"The government of Netanyahu continues to destroy the chances for peace and a two-state solution by building in settlements,” said left-wing group Peace Now in response to the data. “Unfortunately, we see that since the Trump administration, there is an increase in approvals in construction and now we start to see it on the ground.

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