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APN maintains strong relationships with Members of Congress, congressional staff, and Executive Branch officials. A non-partisan organization . with a non-partisan mission, APN supplies timely information, analysis, expertise and education, providing a pro-Israel, pro-peace, American Jewish perspective on issues and legislation related to Israel and the quest for Middle East peace and, security. APN also engages in advocacy, directly and through its nationwide Action Network, to promote pro-Israel/pro-peace legislation and policy

APN publishes the Legislative Round-Up -- the most comprehensive resource available anywhere on Middle East-related developments on Capitol Hill -- every Friday when Congress is in session. APN also hosts policy briefings on Capitol Hill and brings experts to meet with policy makers to maintain a steady flow of balanced information from the region.

Just over a week ago, the Biden Administration released the US National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism, demonstrating its dedication to combating antisemitism in all its forms while protecting free speech and safeguarding individual rights.

We support this approach, including the decision not to codify the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism. Instead, the National Strategy allows for a more inclusive and effective response to antisemitism while protecting free speech. This comprehensive approach should serve as a model for combating antisemitism worldwide.

Now, as the United Nations formulates its own plan, we have an important opportunity to advance this pragmatic and nuanced approach to combating antisemitism on a global scale. It is crucial that we push for the UN to adopt a framework that protects speech rather than a definition that weaponizes antisemitism to quash legitimate criticism of Israeli government policies and practices.

Please join us by urging your Member of Congress to sign on to a letter led by Congresswoman Janice Schakowsky that encourages US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield to advocate for a comprehensive, nuanced, and action-based approach to combating antisemitism within the United Nations.

Read the full text of the letter here.

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Legislative Round-Up- June 2, 2023

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Legislative Round-Up- May 26, 2023

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Legislative Round-Up- May 19, 2023

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Legislative Round-Up- May 12, 2023

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Legislative Round-Up- April 28, 2023

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Action Alert- Stand up for Israel’s Democracy

Israel’s protest movement needs our support. 

While Prime Minister Netanyahu has delayed the so-called “judicial reform” until the Knesset reconvenes in May, the fight to save Israel’s democracy is far from over. If enacted, this overhaul would destroy Israel’s independent judiciary and change the very nature of Israel’s government, away from a liberal democracy and toward a dictatorship of the corrupt.

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Eshoo/Raskin Letter to the Protesters Defending Israeli Democracy

To the Protestors Defending Israeli Democracy: 

As Members of Congress and friends of Israel, we write to voice our support and admiration for the groundswell of pro-democracy activism in Israel in recent months. Through peaceful protests and strikes, you have delayed the advancement of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s extreme plan to eviscerate the independence of the Israeli judiciary, and we’re hopeful that through continued activism, you will stop it once and for all.  

Along with so many of you and with our own constituents, we’ve watched with dismay as the governing coalition has forged ahead with judicial overhaul legislation that would do profound harm to Israel’s democratic institutions. The legislation gives the governing coalition control over critical judicial appointments, enables the Knesset to overturn Supreme Court decisions with a simple majority vote, ends judicial review of Israel’s Basic Laws by the Supreme Court, and sharply curtails the Court’s ability to review other laws. If enacted, this proposal would virtually eliminate the checks and balances that are crucial to maintaining a healthy democracy. 

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Legislative Round-Up- April 21, 2023

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20 April 2023

Dear UN Secretary-General António Guterres and Under Secretary-General Miguel Ángel Moratinos:

Our coalition of 104 civil society organizations is writing to you to voice our strong support for the United Nations’ commitment to combatting antisemitism in line with international human rights standards. Antisemitism is a pernicious ideology that poses real harm to Jewish communities around the world and requires meaningful action to combat it. Our organizations call on world leaders to condemn antisemitism and to take steps to protect Jewish communities, including holding perpetrators of hate crimes accountable.

As the UN develops its own action plan towards a coordinated and enhanced response to antisemitism rooted in human rights, we are aware that a number of Member State governments and organizations aligned with some of those governments, as well as the former Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief Ahmed Shaheed, have been advocating that the UN adopt and use the “working definition of antisemitism” of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA). We urge the UN not to do so.

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